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Date: 15 July 2014. Canning Stuffed Green Peppers.

There is something quite decadent about living life on the hook. Relaxing after a hard day pushing buttons on the Kindle as I read yet another story is tough. And of course there's the pouring of chilled drinks (I'm on tea kick at present featuring Constant Comment) ... I tell you, it's a rough life. Somehow I manage.

But then after a tough day reading there's something particularly nice about pulling out a jar with a stuffed green pepper cooked just the way I like it with great ingredients and none of those funky chemicals from the store bought varieties.

Plus mine don't require refrigeration. And if I do say so myself, they are delicious.  Served with some mashed potatoes, rabbit food (salad) and a chunk of bread, well, I tell you, life does not get much better.

This is a part of a continuing series of
Canning Recipes. Neophytes should begin here:
Canning Primer
(Preserving Meats, Part 1)
followed by:
Processing in Pressure Cooker
(Preserving Meats, Part 2)

Of course prior to opening, heating and enjoying, there is the preparation and processing steps. That's what today's article is about: how to make Stuffed Green Peppers for your boat. These require prep time but do not require refrigeration.

Stuffed Green Pepper recipe
ala Seaweed


Ingredient List:
[modify to suit your normal recipe as desired]

  • Small green peppers

    You'll want to buy the smallest green peppers you can find. They must slide into the jar and those one cup wide mouth jars are 3.25 inches across.

  • Crumbled Italian sausage, cooked

  • Petite diced tomatoes in a can or a fresh Roma

  • Lean ground beef cooked

  • Mozzarella cheese

  • Salsa

  • Tomato Sauce

As a matter of habit I do not use fillers such as rice inside the stuffed peppers I'm canning. I want my jars to be filled with umph so I can add the side dishes from my dry goods larder.


First things first:  Crumble your Italian sausage and cook over medium heat until done.  Remove from heat but leave the grease in the pan to add flavor for the hamburger.

In the same pan cook the burger with the tomatoes... not a lot of tomato either. I add tomato because I believe it imparts a nice flavor and some moisture to the meat. My former mother-in-law added a fresh tomato to her meat loaf and it was amazing, so I've copied her idea.

Scoop out the good stuff leaving any grease behind in the pan. Add the cooked lean ground beef with tomatoes to the sausage in a bowl.  Stir.  Next add some grated Mozzarella cheese and stir. 

Congratulations! That's the stuffing for my green peppers. If you prefer other stuffing of course go with what suits your palate. Mine's not sophisticated by any means so please yourself first.


Of late I seem to be preferring spicier foods, thus I added a heaping tablespoon of salsa at the bottom of my jar. You might prefer tomato sauce. Either will be fine.


After gutting the green pepper I nuked it (microwave) for about 30 seconds. Basically I wanted it hot and pliant so it would fit into the jar more easily. That, and I like all my ingredients hot prior to processing in the pressure cooker.

Next add the green pepper to your jar. [Some of the green pepper caps I diced small and added to other later batches of hamburger as it was cooking. Some I snacked on.]


As you can see I was rather generous with the Mozzarella this time. That varies as the mood suits me. I had more sausage so wanted to tone down the stuffing just a bit.

I never cook the same thing the same way. That's not my nature. It's lots more fun to experiment.


Finally, a dab of sauce on top, dribbling some down the edges so you've got a nice delicious meal for later all ready for processing. I add sauce to the edges so I have plenty in case I want to make a tomato sauce as a gravy over mashed potatoes. For me, that's a nice accompaniment for the stuffed green pepper.


Processing. First, refer to and
follow the instructions in:
Processing in Pressure Cooker
(Preserving Meats, Part 2)

The time required for Stuffed Green Peppers is one hour after your cooker comes up to pressure.


Later, when the mood strikes me for a stuffed green pepper, I'm all set.

If I eventually get another microwave for Seaweed I could simply take of the metal lid and nuke the jar for a minute. (covered -- sauce splatters are ugly)

For now though I simply heat a pan with an inch or so of water and set the jar in the pan. I do loosen the lid first. Then I read another chapter  in my book.  When the chapter is done so too is my stuffed green pepper nice and hot. Life does not get much better.

Comments welcome and encouraged on the Canning Stuffed Green Peppers page.

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