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Date: 24 October 2013. Abandon Ship!


Generally when in Algae it's just a simple ride for the Skipper and I. She loves trips -- it doesn't matter if we go to shore or simply putt-putt along the river and look into the trees at birds or squirrels. She likes squirrels but goes absolutely bonkers over dolphins. They are her favorite!

So anyway, we were simply poking along back to Seaweed and I'm merrily chatting away with a friend and mentioned that Skipper was getting excited because she could soon abandon ship. Well, I said "Abandon Ship" out loud and Skipper knows that means jump. And she did... right into the water!

She was aiming for Seaweed, bless her little heart, when I called her back to the dink and pulled her drenched self out of the water. Salty water I might add. (sigh)


My little Deck Swabbie is not her most attractive when wet and she has freckles too. The poor thing immediately was brought inside, I removed her life jacket and gave her a thorough rinse followed by a shampoo and another rinse then bundled her up and rubbed her down. The next step was down below -- I'd turned on my electric blanket to warm the bunk for her, and into it she went!
What do you mean, she's spoiled?

(This picture doesn't enlarge)


Things I did wrong:

  • Said the words "Abandon Ship" when we were too far from the Seaweed.

  • Note to self: The training is coming along nicely. [See First Mate article.]

Things I did right:

  • Skipper was wearing her life jacket so she didn't have any floatation issues.

  • Because we were close to the boat I was able to immediately rinse off the salt water so she wouldn't try to lick it clean herself (too much salt is bad for our critters)

  • I always have a pot with water on the stove so I was able to heat it; thus the rinse water was not too cold.

  • Also convenient to the galley sink (for obvious reasons now) is Skipper's puppy shampoo.

The added bonus of it being cooler weather and having an electric blanket meant that my girl could burrow into a warm bunk and soon she was back dry and happy.

Clean, dry and fluffy after her bath...

Still, to me Skipper looks perfectly content with her lot in life on the bow of my dinghy looking to where we are going. She particularly likes shallow water where she can see fish swimming and crabs skittering along the bottom. It's a good life for both of us!

(This picture doesn't enlarge)

We are fortunate to be able to live aboard this tiny trawler because it's not really what you have in life that counts. What is important is making the best of everything and even something as simple as just puttering along the shoreline in a small dinghy while searching for birds (I will get a camera so I can show you some of the cool ones I see one of these days!) ... well, it's all magical and quite wonderful.

I am so blessed....

Have you taught your pet any tricks?
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2013, 2020

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