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Date: 24 January 2014. Bits about Birds.


I'm not sure about dirt dwellers but do know that as a boater I take a great deal of interest in the world surrounding my home. Perhaps that's because at anchor the view changes often. At night there's nothing like looking up at the stars.  Orion's Belt and the Little Dipper belong to me -- my daddy told me so.  I do share, so enjoy. Still, it's the wild life that fascinates me most.

A few days ago I saw the pair of Pekin ducks display behavior I'd never seen before. I'm sure you've seen Pekin ducks before, but here are the pair that hang out around the Carrabelle River basin I'm anchored in:

They (the breed) is quite popular in films. You've seen them in
 Swiss Family Robinson and a few other Disney movies. Pekin ducks don't fly and they do respond well to food, much like men!

In any event, a few days ago I spotted this duo chasing the cormorants off the sand bar where many of our feathered friends hang out when the tide is low.  The cormorants would try to relax on the sand, and these two would chase them into the water.  I'd never seen the Pekin ducks doing that and so noted it in my Log Book

Then today I looked up and spotted a pair of ospreys flying in formation. They are rather magnificent and with their masked face quite easy to recognize. They are larger and heavier birds of prey.

One broke off and headed for the sand bar. On the sand bar was another large bird. At first I thought it might be a buzzard but then noted the golden head. Could it be an immature eagle? Frankly the head did look much like a golden. I'm not an expert but did pull out my bird book for a little more information. [
Birds of North America is  my "go to" book for identifying birds seen along the waterfront.]

The bald eagle's tail is quite distinctive, and the osprey's bandit face is equally easy to spot.

I continued to watch the osprey dive bombing the eagle on the sand bar until finally it (the eagle) took off. And yes, it did hang on to the fish in it's talons. The tail seemed to be about 2/3rds black and the rest white. Hmm.  Because of the colors on it's butt I'm guessing it's an immature bald eagle but it might be a golden.  Perhaps a local here in Carrabelle will have spotted it too and be able to offer a definitive identification.

The two birds headed for the trees just south of me and I lost them.  I'm guessing though that the eagle wasn't going to give up dinner, at least not willingly.

That fish was fresh and looked just the right size for my dinner. If I had a fresh fish, well, I'd want it too. Perhaps baked with a bit of broccoli on the side.  Yes, it's obvious isn't it: I need to get to shore for more groceries!

And on that note, I'll wish you a good day.

If you're a local Carrabelle resident, did you spot at golden eagle this morning?
And, has anyone else seen a Pekin duck being aggressive?  That was new for me!


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