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Date:  22 September 2013. Computer Short-cuts.


Consider this your quickie lesson in a few of the short-cuts I have come to use when online. There is nothing too complicated about a computer though of course it is all overwhelming at the beginning-- much like any skill (do you remember how worried you were about shifting, pushing in the clutch and such?) and it does get easier with time and practice. That said, there are a few short-cuts that make this online stuff simple. Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

Control [CTRL] is our shortcut friend.
CTRL is the lettering on the Control button on the bottom row of your keyboard (the space-bar row).

CTRL click (on link) Will open link in a new tab.
CTRL R Refresh and reload the webpage.
CTRL C Will copy information highlighted.
CTRL V Will paste information copied.
CTRL T Opens a new tab behind the one you're on.
CTRL W Closes the tab you're on.
CTRL Shift T Reopens the tab you just closed.
CTRL Enter Type in website name "janice142" in address bar, then CTRL Enter will magically create a full web address of http://janice142com

Holding down the CTRL button while clicking a link will open said link in a new page right behind the one you're on. Hold down the control button while clicking Test to check. Now, look up and just to the right of the tab you're on (this page) you will see the Test page. Take a peek and come back smiling.

CTRL R will refresh/reload the page.

When you want to copy something, highlight and CTRL C copies... (any of the letters can be typed either uppercase or lower)

To paste what you've copied, place your cursor where you want the copy and click, then CTRL V. Voila: you've pasted.

If you want a new tab (window) to play with/in, hold down CTRL and type the letter T ... a new tab will open.

To close the tab of the page you are on, hold down CTRL and type the letter W

Whoops! What if you did CTRL W and didn't mean to? To recover hold down the CTRL plus the Shift key and type T (big or small) .. your old page will reopen at the same place you were before. And yes, you can CTRL Shift T repeatedly for pages you've closed.

I use this one if a page is messing up. I'll CTRL W (to close the page) then once the page is gone will recover it by CTRL Shift T. Generally that solves the issue with page loads.

If you have a new page and want to come to a website type in just the name on the address bar... for my site I type janice142 and then hold down CTRL and hit Enter. The computer magically inserts the http://janice142.com and the page opens.

On that note, I will remind you that:

and a book is beckoning me... Have a great day!

Do you have any other simple short-cuts for using a computer?
How did you do on the Test? No worse than I so 'fess up.


2013, 2018

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