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Date: 8 March 2015. Dolphin Baby.

As some may recall, recently I had a moment of clarity regarding life out here. You see, I caught myself not stopping when I heard the dolphin duo breathing. When I finally glanced up I'd nearly missed a brand new baby dolphin. The tale is told in the Dolphin Moment vignette. And today there's an update.

This afternoon I heard the breaths again that denote dolphin and grabbed my camera. At first I saw this:

Two distinct areas where the surface was disturbed mean dolphin are here.


Dolphin are Unique


Immediately I recognized the mama dolphin. You may wonder how I was so certain the mama was here. That's easy: dolphins are distinctive (they don't all look alike) and this mama has a bit of damage to her fin.

Her fin has a notch just below the tip:


Originally when I saw this duo in late January they were swimming side-by-side and nearly touching each other. Mama was coming up more frequently than normal. It almost looked like she was teaching the little one how to breathe and swim. What a sight!

Now, the little one is growing and becoming braver.
Today I saw the baby leading mama just off the bow of Seaweed.

Life is interesting on the waterfront and I enjoyed watching this duo swim back and forth.

Dolphin Mama:
Baby Dolphin:
At first mama was leading the baby dolphin:

Soon baby was leading mama


You cannot imagine how much fun this life is. I know I'm blessed simply by living on the waterfront and so close to nature. Also I've definitely learned my lesson from the Dolphin Moment vignette. I will stop for pleasures as simple as watching dolphin swimming by.

A pair of dolphin, new life and springtime too. Life truly does not get much better.

This life can be yours. If a soloist woman over fifty can do it, why not you?

Is springtime arriving in your area?
Are you noticing the bird population is changing with the seasons?


Category: Wild Things

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