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Date: 20 March 2017. Drying Damp Books.


On Seaweed occasionally a book will become damp. Sometimes it's from being beneath a new drip. More often though I will leave for a short ride to the grocery store and a quick shower will blow through. Of course I could close the boat up in case of rain each time I leave her. Mostly I do not and then deal with the consequences of that decision.

More than one afternoon shower has soaked a book. Then there are the times I will drop one overboard while getting into or out of Algae. If I am quick I can retrieve it before the thing sinks. Saving those wet books is a part of life afloat for readers like me.

On our 40'er we dried our damp/wet books in a brisker. This is how we did it: First we would rinse in fresh water if the dunking was in salt water. Then the book was placed in the brisker for a few days or until the pages thoroughly dried.

Brisker 678B Brushed S/S Original Electric Crisper

A brisker is an appliance that looks like an oversized toaster oven. I've seen them in thrift stores for $10. Ours was a dumpster find.

Curiosity had me visiting Amazon to see if they are still sold. They are, and for a lot more than I could imagine!

The one shown on the left
looks exactly like ours. Spiffy, eh?


Affiliate link

A brisker keeps your crackers warm. There is nothing like a warm saltine straight from the brisker with clam and cream cheese dip on it. Yummy.

That is Son on Daddy's boat eating clam dip on crackers.
Me too, decades ago with my hair all pinned up in the visor.


While the brisker does work to dry out books another boater had a better idea.

Captain Bob McLeran on M/V Sanderling suggested "Put them in the engine room when you're underway! 110-120 degrees will dry things out nicely in a few days at the most. We use that technique for damp/wet shoes and occasionally clothing!"

That is a great idea, simple, easy to do and who wouldn't want to take their boat for a spin? Though our brisker idea works Bob's idea is better, faster and free. All those things work on my budget. Thanks Cap'n Bob.

Thank you for reading. I hope all your books remain dry. If they don't remember there are alternatives to buying replacements. Happy boating.

I'd love to hear what you do to dry out books that get damp.
And is there one particular book you would not be without aboard your boat?

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