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Date: 29 August 2013. Getting Started.


Anyone seriously considering this life must realize that it can be yours, IF you're willing to focus totally on making it happen. That means, specifically, downsizing, getting rid of clutter, and simplifying your life. Sure, it's easy for me to say get rid of it all and trust me when I acknowledge how difficult that can be. It was for me too.

What was hardest was parting with things I'd paid perfectly good money for and that were worth something -- yet those same items wouldn't sell for a pittance on Craigslist. Everything had to go (when you live aboard a 23' long boat there's not a lot of room for the extraneous.

So, your assignment, should you dare to accept it is to go thru one shelf each day and either pitch the junk, sell or donate it. Make it gone but save out the items that will be aboard your new home afloat. Note: the size of the shelf is immaterial and if you cannot finish in one evening I'm thinking you've got wayyyy too much stuff. :)

A pelican visits, sitting on my bow rail surveying his/my domain.

I'd love to hear of your progress too.
Did you find anything you'd forgotten you owned? And what is the one thing that stood out as a "what on earth was I thinking?" item?


Categories: Organizing, Simplify

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