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Date: 28 May 2023. Gratitude for Gary.


Five years ago I received a gift that made a large difference in my life. Back then I had my Seaweed, an older Toshiba netbook, a phone and a Kindle PaperWhite. What more did a girl need? Nothing, or so I thought. That was until Captain Gary entered the picture.

Cap'n Gary mailed me a Verizon tablet.

You see, when Cap'n Gary needed to renew his Verizon phone plan they offered to add a tablet to his service. He agreed, and generously sent the tablet to me. Although I had read about folks who had tablets quite frankly I wasn't sure another gizmo was necessary. How wrong I was!!!

The tablet has been a true treasure. The speed is lightning fast. For the past five years I have always been able to connect to the internet. In my area that is because this is a *Verizon. The tablet has become more important to my life than I ever could have anticipated. I am grateful.

*My phone is on the T-Mobile network. Service is inexpensive. The coverage is spotty.

The tablet continues to be important in more than one way. It helps keep me occupied while waiting for my mechanic.
Seaweed has not left the dock in a few months. I miss anchoring out. This ordeal is frustrating.

My engine starts however she does not continue to run. The problem appears to be related to fuel starvation. I do have an electronic fuel pump which theoretically should keep the diesel flowing. The issue has been diagnosed as a clogged injector screen or filter. This is a relatively (knock teak) inexpensive fix.

However, like most things boats, there are complications. The mechanic is temporarily recovering from an accident. In the meantime I have a beautiful boat that cannot leave the dock. Argh!!! Hopefully this will be resolved in June. All is coming together, finally.

This is Jesse. He made my air conditioner work when the Dometic motor arrived with a broken shaft.

I wrote about that fiasco in the AC Install from Hades (Mistakes were Made, complete series) series.

All boats can be heart-breakers. When my Seaweed is not working properly life seems more difficult.

Much of country music feels melancholic to me. Generally I do not listen due to the sad lyrics. I used to have Dean Martin's country
album turned into an MP3 which I did enjoy. Recently though I had a thumb drive fail. I lost my complete MP3 music collection. ARGH!!!

Complaining while living aboard a boat in Florida is untenable. I know I am blessed.

I get to grow plants in my cockpit.


Regarding my engine difficulties...
Here is the Plan: Jesse will be the lead mechanic. Though still recovering from his fall, I will pay for his expertise while another fellow (Mark) does the physical part of the project. Having a resource like Jesse is a true blessing. And Mark is amazing. Both regularly help on the docks around here. They are gems.

Jesse is the best diagnostician I have met since Daddy left this world. Truly, it would be difficult to overstate the depth and breadth of his knowledge. Like many old timers he has seen the boating world as it evolved.

The world spins and we all get to watch the changes. One thing I hold dear is the peace and calm found in remote anchorages.
With the assistance of both Jesse and Mark soon I will be able to spend time watching boats sail by while reading my Kindle or tablet.

Seaweed is a wonderful home. I am indeed fortunate to be aboard her.

While attached to the dock I get a lot of happiness from my Kindle and the tablet. Although Verizon is no longer working on the tablet it still brings me joy. I am indeed fortunate. A big thank you to Ken and later Michael for the kindles all those years ago and to Gary for the tablet. Both gizmos are sources of happiness and relaxation. Quite frankly, I am not sure which of the two is more important to me.

In the meantime when not on the devices I have been organizing and sorting my stuff. I have too much stuff, and that's okay.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

Have you ever received a gift that changed your whole life?
And, what was it that impacted you?

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