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Date: 3 November 2014. Hayes is Here (bell housing update)

After practically forever (an extra two weeks -- okay, I can be dramatic when it comes to my newest engine swap) my new bell housing and flex plate have arrived. And yes, the celebration is ongoing. What a wonderful way to start the holiday season. But first I had to learn what a bell housing was -- besides expensive that is!

This is my newly manufactured and built just for me bell housing:

The bell housing attaches the transmission to the motor and of course finding one "off the shelf" wasn't going to happen. It's a boat. Stuff costs. This unit priced in at less than a *Boat Buck, so I'm pleased. It included my new cush plate along with all the bolts required for assembly.

*Boat Buck: Long-term boaters know that BOAT often stands for Break Out Another Thousand, and though we might smile there is a high level of truth in it.

How many boat bucks a particular project costs is always of concern, even for the "big guys" with their yachts. We are all in this together in that regard. I'm fortunate in that I got a good price for this *one-off.

 *One-off: A single unit made for a specific purpose, thus more expensive than a run of a dozen might have been.

The inside of the Hayes bell housing has a specific number of bolts and pattern spacing varies too.

Before this is installed in Seaweed all the pieces must be aligned. Confirming everything fits just right is the domain of the mechanics. It's the meticulous attention to detail that determines if a job is done correctly or slapped together. Just Right Marine is doing the work to professional standards.

Yes, back when I had the beast (my gasoline engine) I did use backyard jack-of-all-trades *ID-10-T's. I paid for those poor decisions in both in time and dollars. Never again. I learn albeit sometimes I wish the lessons were less expensive.

*ID-10-T is a billing charge found most often in the computer support-tech industry. Put 'em together and you might just see a 12:00 flasher. ID10T spells idiot and I've had my moments. Too dang many as a matter of fact.

Flex Plate inside Hayes Bell Housing.

Cush Drive and Super-Mini Flywheel

Cush plate installed


The Flex plate aka Cush drive cushions the space between the transmission and motor. I've heard mechanics use the terms interchangeably. I'm still learning and frankly as long as it works, I'm not going to break my thinking bone to figure it all out. This is something I'll never have to deal with again and that's enough for me.

I've been fortunate. The motor, an 18hp Kubota from Yanmar Tractor Parts [http://yanmartractorparts.net] is a true blessing. And each step along the path means I'll be that much closer to being underway again. That's a good thing. But it's not quick.

Remember all boat project estimates should be tripled.

It'll take three times as long. With the additional problems found during the process, the cost will at least triple too. Because I was born and raised aboard a boat, all delays are expected. I count on them. Ditto costs though this time I'm more than satisfied. (That means it's cost less but don't tell anyone!)

The transmission is bolted up to the new Hayes bell housing.

Isn't she beautiful?!

Do you have a Kubota in your boat, and is it for propulsion or power supply?
Any advice regarding my Super-Mini will be appreciated.


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