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Date: 27 June 2014. In the Rain.

Heading out the Steinhatchee channel in the rain is a wonderful way to start a day if you're fortunate enough to have a pilothouse and can stay dry. Visibility was good and I did enjoy watching the waterfowl on various markers as I went by. Although all markers are due respect, trying to "cut the corner" is not a good idea here.  Put it this way: the area you're in is called Deadman Bay.

Proceeding out the channel was fun. Steinhatchee has a lot of small boat traffic, but not when it's raining. As an aside, this is The Sea Hag Marina on the 4th of July:

I refilled my fuel tank (diesel!) and picked up a gallon of Delo40 weight oil too at Sea Hag, along with a bag of ice.  And no, not on the 4th of July.  I go no where on a holiday -- there are too many on the waters and I don't want to be a part of that mess.

Leaving Steinhatchee on a rainy morning
allowed me to have the waterway to myself.

Though there were no other boaters, I was not alone. 


That is a Caspian Tern sitting atop Marker 9 in the Steinhatchee channel. The flat head and red beak help identify it for me.  That, and my favorite bird book, Birds of North America.


I would not wish to be outside on a day like this.  But inside, sipping hot chocolate/coffee is quite decadent. And totally wonderful.

Truly, I am blessed.



Pelican atop another marker.


So, was cruising along three miles off shore on a course of 160 degrees when over the horizon and to the east I spotted a sailboat.  It's always fun when you spot someone "out there" especially when there have been a dearth of vessels since morning. Along the Gulf coast it's rather lonesome. There are some signs of civilization though:

For instance, there's a red crab pot about dead center of this photo. The Some Crabbers are Perverse piece speaks to those color choices that test my sense of humor at times.

Still, this particular morning I was cruising along, three miles from shore when I spotted a sailboat heading toward me. How exciting!

Company, such as it is, and yes, I did hail the boat on the radio. Alas, no answer to my calls on VHF Channel 16.  Sometimes there's a reason and sometimes not but still it would have been nice to say hello to another cruiser.

Thursday's Child is just left of center at the horizon.

I took a couple of pictures and tried calling the boat on the VHF.  Few of us have pictures of our boat underway -- after all, we're inside and so I was going to offer to take a nice picture for them. Alas, no response on Channel 16.

Such is life and at least the rain has stopped...

And when you're out here, leave your radio on. You'll miss stuff otherwise. For proof positive of that, read By the Shipyard.

I enjoy meeting new friends and the VHF is a great source of entertainment for me. You never know what you'll hear if you scan lots of channels.  It's fun, and funny sometimes too.

VHF Entertainment


Aboard Seaweed my VHF radio on, scanning all channels.  One day I was listening to some dredgers as they worked. They were digging a channel deeper for larger vessels to be able to pass through. Anyway, I heard the boys talking, and one said "You're breaking up" to the other fellow when reception was poor. 

The smart guy receiving that message replied, "But I didn't even know we were going steady."


Back on the east coast whenever the boys were saying stuff I didn't want to hear, or disagreed with, I'd reply "You're breaking up" (meaning "horse pucky") so hearing the same term over here tickled me.  Obviously I'm easily amused.

That's life in the slow cruiser lane. Stay dry and have fun boating.

Is your boat dry when underway in the rain?
And, do you like cruising in the rain? (Not a pouring down/can't see a thing thunder-boomer, but a nice cooling drizzle type of shower.)


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