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Date: 7 October 2015. Keeping in Touch with Grandchildren.

Posted late because FileZilla and I were at odds. Finally I believe I've fixed it. Uploading one file at a time was a test of my patience. Were it not for Constant Comment tea
, there would be dead bodies hereabouts!

I suspect all grandparents worry that our Grands will forget us while we are off cruising. As for my folks, they enjoyed showing my duo life on the waters. Still, I'm certain there was some concern the kidlets would forget their Grandma and Grandpa on-the-boat. That didn't happen, and here's how my parents made sure of that.

Number One: As frequently as possible the Kidlets came for visits to the boat.


That was of course wonderful for my duo. Son and Kidlet enjoyed cruising, anchoring out and swimming from the boat. And too, it gave them things to talk to their friends about. None of their friends went on boat trips with grandparents who lived aboard a yacht.

And no, ours wasn't a Yacht though she was quite nice. 

Cruising on a yacht was a Big Deal to the under ten set.
As teenagers, they liked it even better!

Don't think the kids had their own *stateroom. Instead, they would fall asleep in the forward cabin. Later, when my folks were ready for their bunks, the kids would move out to the main salon. This couch was actually a hide-a-bed and folded out.

*Stateroom: in a house would be called a bedroom.

This couch pulls out and is a hide-a-bed:


Number Two: Magazines.

Grandma and Grandpa were smart. Instead of buying toys for my children, they paid for magazine subscriptions. A magazine arrives fresh and new at least four to six times per year. What could be better? And every kidlet I know loves to receive mail.

I've done the same with my Grand. She thinks mail is just the best thing in the world. I regularly send postcards, plus DVDs and books to her. The added bonus is that Every piece of junk mail in the box is "from Grandma on the Big Boat" so I get credit for all the ads that arrive too.

Yes, Princess Sarah does think Seaweed is big. 

Sarah thinks I'm wonderful and I can't wait to show her my world afloat.

Son loved clam dip on saltines. Nothing fancy... just life aboard a 40'er.

Soon enough I'll take my Grand swimming off the boat. There will be none of that beach sand in the bathing suits for us!

My two loved swimming with dolphin, fishing for dinner, collecting seashells from the bottom and lots of card playing in the evenings. What my kids weren't so crazy about was travel. It was "boring" however once arrived at a destination they were beyond pleased.

And even underway was okay. Son daydreamed of the day he'd sail off over the horizon. That was fed with many books about adventures at sea.

Kidlet played with her dolly and pretended.

Both were encouraged to write in the Log Book. They would write "spotted pelican at 280 degrees" or "dolphins playing in wake at 1435 off XYZ Island"

In any event, if yours are far from you and the day-to-day interactions are curtailed, try ordering magazines.


Magazines my two enjoyed:

  • Big Back Yard
  • Ranger Rick
  • National Geographic for Kids
  • American Girl
  • Disney
  • Popular Science
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Reader's Digest
  • Smithsonian
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Forbes and ASAP (yes, they both liked Forbes, starting when they were about ten years old)

The interests of my two were varied. They might try a magazine for a year and find it not to their liking.



Mother would check as the renewals came in. If it was one they enjoyed reading, she'd pay for another year. Magazines are a wonderful way to remind your Grands that you love them. They will know their grandma and grandpa on the boat are thinking about them.


Mail is a great way to stay in touch and offers yours an opportunity to read for pleasure. Subscribe! And, as long as you're thinking about it, this
link will take you right to Amazon where I have found some great deals on magazines. That's a hint folks!

What magazines to you subscribe to?
Are those in digital format or hard copy regular magazines?


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