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Date: 9 August 2023. Manatee Mob (aka Aggregate)


I had great intentions of writing a 240/125/ volt AC receptacle article plus the whole explanation about how all that works on the larger yachts. That flew out the proverbial portlight when I crossed the boats and heard a bunch of manatees playing in the canal. First I took pictures, then videos. And now I am popping up a slice of my life...

Although I consider the playful manatee when seen in groups a mob, the actual term is an Aggregate.

When crossing the boats I did not see the manatees. I did HEAR the splashing as they played.


I took three videos this afternoon. Yes I am learning YouTube, albeit slowly.
My Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/@JaniceAboardSeaweed

If you prefer to go directly to a link on my website you may download the file here:

This is the same video via YouTube:


The manatees were rolling around and having a *good time.

*Good Time: When you see a manatee with the head down at the  bottom and the tail wagging above the water's surface, well, they are being frisky.

When the manatees move their tails a great deal of water is shifted. You can see the smooth area that is left behind when a manatee swims.

Be sure to look around when you see a large area of smooth water such as shown in the previous picture. Manatee (sometimes called sea cows) surface every three to four minutes. When they take a breath it is usually a deeper and longer sound than dolphins.

Viewing manatees is enjoyable. If you have any tricks (like seeing smooth water from a manatee tail movement) for locating the hidden wildlife please do share in the comments. That would be totally amazing. Thanks. J.

Click to enlarge.

Watching manatees having fun is a pleasure. They do enjoy life. That said, our diver is careful to get out of the water when manatees are nearby. He apparently looks like an object of romantic interest in his black wetsuit...

In the second video you can see an injury on the back of one of the manatees. Also, please note in the forward left corner of the aggregate, one smaller manatee. The baby is rolling over in this video.

From my website you may download the video file here:

I also uploaded to Youtube:



Observing manatees is interesting to me. I loved swimming near them more than a half century ago. Nowadays any physical interaction is verboten. Basically that means you cannot touch them, turn on a hose for the manatee to drink fresh water, nor feed the sea cows lettuce.

I satisfy my love for these magnificent creatures with
photography. Today I share the experience with you....

The final video is my favorite. It shows a baby rolling over to show its light tummy. He pokes his nose out of the water too. This baby is living his best life and is totally adorable...

From my website you may download the video file here:

And the YouTube short upload is here:

I learned something tonight... if I have my phone vertical, the video is called a Short. Due to that, you must click on the above link in order to view the baby manatee belly on YouTube. Otherwise, you may simply download the movie file from my website. 

Though I did not intend to have three articles in a row featuring critters, I could not resist sharing my joy at the wonderful life just outside the hull. Happy boating.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

Do you have any tricks for spotting wildlife?
And, have you ever seen manatees in person?

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