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Date: 1 January 2022. Manatee Mornings.


This morning at approximately 0330 I heard the distinctive sound of manatee breathing outside my home. There were at least two and possibly three manatees visiting the mangroves behind Seaweed. I sat in the cockpit, quietly enjoying the night world. What great way to begin 2022!

This is the best possible way to start a new year...

Regardless of how tumultuous the world is, aboard a boat life seems simpler, easier to manage and loads more fun. I am indeed fortunate.

This morning I again heard a manatee. Observing these gentle giants is one of life's pleasures:



It is such fun to watch manatee. When they sink beneath the surface they can swim quite far before resurfacing. It was tough to spot this one, even though I saw it swimming east.



Florida has a lot of nice things, plus humidity. Here
wintertime is truly the best, if you're far enough south.

A friend passed along this can a couple years ago. The decorations are pretty.
Eventually, I filled the tin with goodies. Then it was re-gifted yet again.

One of my favorite things to do is give away items I no longer love. For too many years I collected items. Back then I was in the Acquisition Stage of life. Nowadays however I am past that. Still, I do have a lot of stuff... too much!

Ideally I will make way for a more relaxed year. I would like to increase time spent at anchor. Crafting is coming to the forefront too. I am enjoying time spent in art too. The chart stars were fun to make and even more fun to share with friends near and far.

Here are some of the stars I made for Christmas 2021.

Mostly though, I plan to continue watching the wild critters that inhabit this world, like this manatee.

The manatee's back broke the surface of the water.

When in warm coastal waters it is always a good idea to look for manatees.

I know hearing the manatees in the middle of the night started my year 2022 out to perfection. Later this morning after the sun was up watching a manatee swimming right by Seaweed was so lovely. I wish everyone could experience this... it truly is magical.

It's going to be a great year. Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

What is the best thing to happen in your life so far this year?
Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

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