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Date: 7 August 2018. Manatee Newborn.


Life aboard Seaweed is truly wonderful. What is outside is even better. Viewing wildlife has become a favorite activity of mine. I hypothesize about what I see, trying to understand why behaviors occur. Just the other week I saw what I suspect to be a newly born manatee calf. Here's what I saw, and why I believe this to be the youngest manatee I have been privileged to observe.

First, the baby and her mama.

Note how the mama keeps herself between Seaweed's swim platform and her baby.

I have come to realize when the manatees visit it is generally on a high tide. I suspect that is because of the mangrove right behind my boat. The leaves are closer to and in the water at high tide.

When Mama Manatee arrived she she came for her greens:


Side Note: The Manatee Mama and Baby (calf) article describes the diet of these gentle giants. There is lots of other information covered too, along with more pictures for the manatee fans among us.

I like manatees. They are playful, peaceful and
seem to enjoy life at a leisurely pace. I admire that.



Manatees like Mangrove trees:


The leaves were CHEWED OFF by the manatee.


The reason I believe this is a newborn is because of the behavior I observed. This baby was ALWAYS touching the mom. Most of the time when I see calves they are close but not touching.

Also, the baby was as small as I have ever seen.

Can you believe what a wonderful life I have?!?
I am blessed to be able to watch the world from my home.

Gosh, for those of you that have yet to buy your dream boat, do try for one with great cockpit seating.

I am sitting right beside the cleat, watching these manatees.

Should you have any interest in wildlife, observing the world
of nature from your own boat is an experience to be treasured.

Mama manatee is enjoying the fresh leaves.

Her baby is learning about the world, while nuzzling the mama of course.



You can see how the baby is always touching mama:



Because they were staying so closely together and
the size of the baby, I believe I witnessed a miracle.

A while back I told you about the trio of manatees that played with Algae in the canal. Read the
Manatee Bumps Algae article for details. That was a stellar day for the logbook.

Life afloat does not get any better. Of course each time I say that, yet another wonderful thing happens! I suppose that is the real miracle of living my dreams. I am without a doubt very fortunate.

Heap on Trawler Forum said it best:
In the end, the rich guy is the one with all the stories to tell.

The baby just popped her nose up for a breath of air.



Eventually the duo swam away.


Some folks do not understand why boaters choose this life.

No single reason would suffice for me. Two more were added to the list today.


Happy boating to you, and thanks for reading.

Have you seen manatees in person? Where?
I'd love to hear about any wildlife babies you've observed.


2018, 2023

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