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Date: 6 March 2017. Meet the Culprit (styptic)


 This is Buddy the culprit in today's tale of ut oh!

It all started out innocently enough. A few months ago the mangrove resident Black-Crowned Night Herons built a nest. Two eggs hatched and one chick survived to adulthood. Buddy is a teenager, nearly fully grown though not as robust as his dad, Bud.

Buddy is also a Beggar. He likes those pretend chicken hotdogs sold at discount grocery stores for less than a dollar a package. I slice them into 1/8" thick slices. He'd prefer thicker no doubt, but there you have it. I'm thrifty.


The males have light grey wings, a white tummy and face, with black feathers on their back and head. The girls are a mottled brown to better blend in with their surroundings. They have a formidable beak and stab their food before eating it.


From my bird book, Birds of North America  ↓

If you are like me and fascinated by the birds around you, I recommend buying Birds of North America.
It's a great reference item. I probably look something up once a week in the book. There's a lot to learn.


Buddy stabs his food. That is where I got into trouble the other day. I was feeding Buddy when I did not remove my hand quickly enough.

Side Note: Buddy is a teenager. He is far braver than his dad who I named Bud. Bud never gets within reach of me. Given an opportunity I believe Buddy would hop inside Seaweed. He does like his hotdogs.

I was in the cockpit putting hotdog slices on the side deck when the accident occurred. Buddy scratched my finger in his enthusiasm for the treat. I immediately came inside and rinsed it with fresh water. The bleeding would not stop!



After rinsing thoroughly with fresh water the finger was still bleeding a lot.


Last year I bought the Styptic powder for Skipper.

Marketed for dog, cat and bird owners, Remedy and Recovery's Styptic Powder is designed to immediately stop bleeding. I decided to see if it would be effective on people.

Styptic powder worked like magic! I dusted my cut lightly with the powder. I had to do that twice and voila: no more bleeding.

Of course later I washed the powder off and cleaned the cut.

Affiliate link

Remedy and Recovery Professional Groomer's
Styptic Powder for Pets, 1.5-Ounce 

I'm not a doctor. I looked at the results of my experiment and thought it might be useful in similar situations.

The brown is the discolored powder. It washed right off later.

The cuts healed with no infection.

I can't tell you what to do on your boat. I will say I have recommended friends have styptic powder in their arsenal of medical gear. Pet owners must have this item aboard. When I was telling my friend Tom in Apalachicola about it he said he'd used it himself years ago.

Tom reminded me that gentlemen of a certain age shaved with straight razors in the old days. Nicks and cuts were common. The solution was a Styptic Stick.

On Amazon I found a styptic pencil for $4.

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Styptic Pencil

Side Note regarding my experiment: The powder did not burn.

For you and yours, have fun and be careful. If Buddy comes by your boat you might consider throwing a hotdog to the beggar. Hand feeding is definitely not recommended.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

As for me, I'm waiting for the winds to abate. I've got plans for a nice little cruise this week. That of course depends upon the weather. See you on the water!

Have you tamed any wild birds or critters? What kind?
We had a Great White Egret in the islands that came by our boat for fish daily.



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