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Date: 3 February 2014. Men Buy, Women Shop.


There is a fundamental difference between the genders and it can most reliably be witnessed whenever  shopping occurs. I have seen a man (specifically Bob Winter on Maverick) walk into a Wal-mart Superstore with a list. He picks up the half dozen articles he has written down and heads straight for the check-out. To my feminine eyes it is an aberration to do such a thing.

A man will spend $2 for a $1 item he wants, while a
woman will spend $1 for a $2 item she doesn't want.

One shops, perusing the store for items that look good, have potential or just for fun. I suspect this is why big stores have a section with chairs for the men-folk, usually up front. There is often a food court of some sort too. The older gentlemen do seem to enjoy the camaraderie of chatting with their suffering compatriots. We girls affectionately call it Grandpa Day-Care. The boys sure look like they are having a good time solving many of the world's problems. So far though, they have accomplished little change in their wives shopping habits.

One of my favorite stores is Haslam's in St. Petersburg, FL. It is a magnificient bookstore.

Most women do purposefully seek out and buy the items we want. We are also open to new ideas and possibilities.  Men often like the new experiences, but to actively look for them?  That does not happen often. I suspect it all comes down to our genders.

Men gather wealth to them, and measure their worth by what they have accumulated.
Women are nurturing, so we fix our value by what we can give or share with others.

Thus, a man will work hard (nose to the grindstone) and become wealthy. But never quite "enough" to have the nerve to quit. Instead of cruising the man will work and work, getting more and more money. This he will use for the fabulous vessel that will take him around the world. It must be the best boat on the planet, outfitted with navigation gear unsurpassed, yet there is always that one more thing that is needed.

Meanwhile, time continues to race on at an ever increasing velocity.

Don't be that man!  Come out and enjoy life while you've got the physical ability to do so.  You are not getting any younger.

It's sad beyond measure when a fellow is forced to
give up his dream because of health issues.

Heck, I'm out here and though I do not experience some things that others enjoy (dinner at restaurants, or a pizza and a glass of sangria very often) I am still having fun, even on my nickel budget.  A couple of fellows had me to supper, twice, [see article Shooting Star] since I have been here so I do get out and enjoy new experiences. But mostly my pleasure is self-generated.  Amazon is a wonderful thing, and they ship to General Delivery. I can download books for my Kindle that are free on that site without leaving the anchorage. Life afloat is wonderful!

There's a big world out here I am doing my best to live life fully. When I am older I do not want many regrets for things not done.  I will try, even if I do not always succeed 100%. For me, life on the water aboard my Seaweed is content. For you happiness might be in a sailboat, or even an RV.

Whatever your dreams are, work now to make them happen.

Are you a buyer or a shopper?
What is your dream, and how are you working to make it a reality?

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