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Date:  7 September 2013. Peachy Chicken.


Of course with the news of the new engine I had to celebrate my good fortune. One of the ways I do that is by cooking. Suppertime is special aboard Seaweed as I try to make each evening meal an event. You see, if I were having company of course I'd want to make it lovely. Since you'd go all out for a relative coming over, why not do the same for yourself? It lifts my spirits to realize that with a tiny bit of extra effort I can enjoy a sumptuous feast that looks nice and tastes great.

What's the secret you may ask? Magazines! Yes, the ladies magazines always have recipes and I make it a point of picking one recipe to attempt with each mag-rag read. Some are disasters and usually all require a bit of modification since I'm dealing with refrigeration (power supply) issues and such.

One of my successful transformations is Peachy Chicken. It's easy -- let me share with you how to do it. You're familiar I hope with the kid's lunchbox cups of fruit sold at about four for a couple dollars? Generally I keep mandarin oranges and peaches in my ship stores as the amount in a container is satisfactory and leftovers without a reefer (aka refrigerator) don't do well.

So, in your pan add a bit of butter, then open one of the peach cups. Drain out approximately half the juice. Add your piece of chicken (I skinned and de-boned a chicken thigh) plus some scallions and saute, flipping repeatedly until the chicken is almost done. I had to add a bit of water so it could cook without sticking/burning. When it's at that point of near perfection, dump in the rest of the juice and peaches. Within a couple minutes the peaches will "cook" too (think peach pie) and you're done. You'll have some scrumptious broth too.

Side Note: I buy the peaches in light syrup and the scallions plus lentil sprouts are grown on the boat.

Meanwhile, on my other burner I cooked rice. Because I am the world's worst rice cooker, years ago I gave up on the standard stuff and went over to parboiled version. It cooks wonderfully (doesn't stick, stays fluffy, keeps it's body so to speak) and, well, I like it.

With the addition of a few cherry tomatoes (on sale) and a small container of fresh lentil sprouts, I had a fabulous, healthy meal. The only thing missing was company.

When aboard your boat and company's coming, what's on the menu?
And what one dish/pot specialty is your favorite?


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