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Date: 23 October 2014. Renting versus Selling.


Periodically I will receive an email from an individual with a house who is considering renting versus selling said home. The theory (and everything works in Theory) is the rent can fund the cruising kitty. While that sounds wonderful on the surface, there are pitfalls. And though some have had favorable experiences, I did not.

This is waterside of my former home in Hallandale Beach, FL.


For me, renting the house was an unmitigated horror. Damage did occur and rent was late. Plus every little thing that you would naturally take care of because you own it, will be your problem. Your Expensive-to-fix problem. A tenant will not tighten the screws holding a hinge to a cabinet. Doors will be slammed open and the gizmos that should have prevented damage will have been broken/removed.

Need I remind you of fleas? Vermin? Your contract calls for no pets? Ha!
You are not there and besides they have a medical necessity paper for a critter.

Do not assume this cannot happen to you and yours. It can, and might. I hope

There is not enough coffee on the planet to deal with a nightmare tenant.


I survived the experience but the key
words I took from it were: "Never Again."

The city fined me for the trash left in front of the house when the tenant left. Finally. And it cost me a lawyer to pry her out. It took nearly a year to get rid of her and of course no income for that time -- just expenses.

Though for some the rentals have worked well, many times it denigrates into a nightmare. And do not forget you are underway and far from the source of the problem. Resolving issues when you are close by is one thing. Try being 1,000 miles away at anchor off Bahia Honda.

Gypsy, a MacGregor26 at anchor in the Florida Keys off Bahia Honda State Park.

Rental agencies and property management companies solve some problems. Good tenants make a world of difference. However when things go wrong, they can go very, very wrong. Depending upon the level of disaster, your cruise could be cut short.

I would never rent to a tenant. If the individual or couple cannot afford a down-payment to buy their own place, tough. If this sounds unduly harsh know my attitude is due no doubt to the miserable experience I had renting a home I loved.

Waterside overlooked a canal. The house was fully shaded. Though not fancy the home was comfortable.


The best reason to not rent though is one shared by a fellow boater. He said that the peace of mind he enjoyed by not having to worry about a house was worth all the tea in China. I understand that and revel in same. My world is Seaweed, and she is enough.

Please be smarter than I was. Take the money and run. Or cruise.

Bottom Feeder, a houseboat came down the Mississippi River. What a life, eh?

Living this life does not require a ton of cash, and inexpensive boats are plying the same waters as the high dollar yachts. I'm proof of that. So too is Bob aboard his Bottom Feeder who in the above photo is cruising in his houseboat.

Did you keep your house while cruising or sell?
And, are you happy with your decision?

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