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Date: 27 March 2017. Sailboat in Gulfport.


Recently Skipper and I went down to Gulfport with a couple of the neighbors. It was great. In addition to learning about the courtesy dock [see the Gulfport, FL weekend dockmaster Tom article] I met the nicest young couple living an economical and fun-loving life on a *Pearson.

*Pearson is a brand of sailboat. At one time I wanted a NorSea27 however the budget wasn't quite large enough. The Pearson Triton has similar characteristics and might just have been my Dream Boat if cancer hadn't changed my plans. The Triton is older and less expensive than the NorSea27s I admired.

One of the best parts about boating is meeting the folks who are out here having fun.

Tanner is in the cockpit of his Pearson. He's lived aboard her for six months.

I enjoy walking the docks. At the courtesy dock in Gulfport I met Tanner. He and Selina are living on a 32' Pearson name Pyewakett. It's a nice boat. Older boats with fiberglass hulls tend to be overbuilt. I like them.

Overbuilt is used as a generic term meaning that the manufacturer utilized better quality components. In the 1960's boat builders were switching from wood to fiberglass hulls. Buyers weren't too sure about the "new-fangled" fiberglass boats. Often builders opted to make the hulls the same thickness as their wooden models to satisfy the marketplace.

The hulls of the earliest models were thicker than those constructed in later years. The hulls were sturdy and well-built.

That made for a lot of Really Nice strong hulls. Fiberglass also weighs more than wood so the boats were heavier. That makes for, generally speaking, a steadier ride (less rock 'n roll) however it also means your boat goes slower.

Hatteras motor yachts are known for their solid fiberglass hulls and stringers.

Hatteras brand yachts are well-regarded in the boating community. There's a lot to like about a Hatt.

I first spotted the TANNER AND SELINA'S SAILBOAT while walking along the shore in Gulfport.

I walked to the end of the courtesy dock to admire the vessels in the anchorage just south of the pier. At the end I met Tanner and Selina. They had been to town for supplies and were returning to their boat.

Ah, to be young, in love and living aboard a boat in Florida in the wintertime. Life does not get much better folks!


Chatting with the duo was fun. Tanner bought this boat six months ago and is doing a total rehab. One of the downsides of buying used boats is the bonehead Previous Owner (PO) tricks you find. He's discovered a few and is addressing them.

I can guarantee that every boat in the above photo has something the owner wishes was different.
It's the nature of boating. We make our boats our own by customizing, improving and tweaking.

Every boat has issues. It doesn't matter if she's a million dollar new build or an old beater. There will be problems. The wise owner fixes them using the best parts and techniques he can acquire. Remember too that things change. What was the best thirty years ago has probably been superseded by new technology.

Newer is not necessarily better nor is it required. Just living life afloat is what matters most to me. I've had nine years out here aboard Seaweed and my life is approaching pure decadence. I'm very fortunate. It wasn't always that way. For details see the Inadequate Boat (Gulfport too) article.

My girl, under a rainbow.


Still, it's been a journey. Meeting Tanner and Selina reminded me of my much younger self. I know they have the stamina of youth. The duo also have the determination to make their home better. The Pearson is a nice platform for a good life afloat. They are fortunate.

Over the months aboard they've added items. The best at making life comfortable I would say is their Honda2k generator. A quiet generator such as a Honda or Yamaha will change your life afloat for the better.

Having ample power makes a world of difference when life is spent at anchor.

What was best of all about meeting Selina and Tanner however was their departure. S/V Pyewakett's engine started and the couple circled around heading out into the anchorage. Within 100 yards of the dock however the sail went up and they were off sailing. How cool is that!!!

Sailboats under sail are so rare in some places that I've actually made a note in my Log Book about it. I do so enjoy watching others out here having fun afloat. There is nothing quite like a sailboat cutting through the water with the only the sound of the wind and water passing by...

I spotted this pirate flagged sailboat underway last autumn.

Gulfport has had wonderful breezes every time I've been there. For those of us with a wind generator, it's a good spot to anchor. I know in the morning before 0900 my batteries were fully charged. Life is good in Gulfport. I can't wait to return.

Does your battery charging come from a generator or solar? wind? alternator?
And, do you spend most of your life anchoring out? 


2017, 2018

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