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Date: 1 September 2020. Salt Creek Boatyard.


Being at Salt Creek Boatyard has been an interesting experience. I will say this yard is MOST IMPRESSIVE. Why you may ask? First of all, the guys are professionals. This is demonstrated by the way my boat was set up once on the hard.


Can you see the difference between these two boatyards?


10-plus years ago, at another boatyard.

Salt Creek Boatyard, last month.

Count the jack-stands. Ten-plus years ago, there were just four.
Salt Creek Boatyard used EIGHT jack-stands to support Seaweed.

You might wonder if Seaweed was a "special" case. Except to me, she was no different than
any other vessel in the yard. Every boat had a lot of support under them. This impressed me.

I showed you this older FWC Research vessel in the Why Seaweed Does Not Track
article. Named RV No Frills, the boat has soft chines. She is going to roll more than my Seaweed.

But I digress...
When you can go into a boatyard years later and see some of the same crew, that speaks to the management.

For instance, Fuggie has been working at Salt Creek for years.

A couple years back I met Fuggie when he worked on a Prairie29 that now docks near me.

When workers remain with a business it generally means the boss is a good person. As most know, employees don't quit businesses. They quit managers. So, the fact that many of the old timers remain speaks well regarding boatyard manager Tom.

Tom's office right hand gal is Donna. She's a gem.

Donna keeps the boat schedules up to date, orders essential parts and is just so nice.

Another sweet lady I met at the boatyard early one evening was Fuggie's wife Valerie.

Valerie had come by Salt Creek to pick up her husband. In her spare time she is
redoing the kitchen cabinets at home. Valerie is a right nice lady. I like her.


But enough about the people. Tomorrow I'll show you what all was done to my Seaweed. She's made a lot of progress since she was hauled out. Everything on my initial list was successfully accomplished. I am pleased.

Thanks so much for  reading. I appreciate that.

I'd love to hear what your favorite boatyard is.
And, what makes them special?

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