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Date: 2 September 2013. Silence Reigns (Saul Creek)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a place where the only sounds you hear are ones you make? Well, one such place is at the fork of a river off the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  When heading east which is sort of south as you follow the coast from the west you'll come to a favorite spot of mine.

Let me show you where on my chart:

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GPS coordinates at anchor down: N 29 47.427  W85 02.947

So, I pulled off the Jackson River and traveled a bit up Saul Creek. At a bend in the river there was a shallow platform of perhaps 10' of water to the port side where the river forks.

The water was fresh and flowed quickly. Because of the current the boat basically sat in one position facing up river. That means I wasn't up and down changing the sun shades every few minutes. There are days when the wind shifts, re-set the fabric, current picks up, move fabric covers, wind blows hard, change everything again.  I know: it's a rough life I lead but gosh, somehow, I manage.

At night the Milky Way was on full display -- there were absolutely no lights anyplace (except my anchor light) and in the still waters I loved looking at reflections of the Big Dipper and a full moon.

Truly exquisite.

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This is the way I came from... around that bend and straight ahead, is the river back to civilization. Truly I didn't want to leave but the food stores were getting low, so.........

Next stop: Apalachicola, FL.

I'd love to hear from you, with specifics on your tranquil oasis of silence.
And when were you there last?


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