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Date: 8 October 2013. Tricks and Treats.

As the seasons progress we are coming into my favorite time of the year: autumn. At night the cool breezes make sleeping nice although I confess to loving my warm bunk courtesy of a fabulous 12-volt electric blanket.  It's an indulgence, and one I'm happy to have discovered. Plus this particular brand draws just 35 watts versus most that use 7 amps (70 watts!) -- I want to be warm but also need to have a battery in the morning, you know? Still, it's the decorating that makes me smile and believe me, Seaweed has her Tricks and Treats....

Just last week my new Comfy Cruise 12V Blanket arrived at General Delivery. This time I'd chosen plaid though three years ago I'd opted for navy blue. Unfortunately Skipper's fur is white and the solid navy was liberally decorated by my four pound Deck Swabbie. How a dog that small can leave so much fur everywhere is beyond me. As a solution and to make washing easier I decided to make a duvet cover from a queen size sheet I'd chosen because of it's softness at a local thrift store. [Paying retail for sheets gets you stiff awful ones (at least in my price range) yet used stores often have lovely sheets that are soft, high thread count -- and inexpensive. That meets all my budgetary requirements.]

Basically I cut off a 2' wide strip the entire length and then rolled the torn edge stitching it closed. The top and bottom are just basted but good enough for the purpose which is to cover the blanket. To launder all I have to do is remove the blanket and toss the sheet in the washing machine. At anchor far from "civilization" I'll be washing by hand so having items that dry quickly is critical.

But decorating is what I love to do, and making Seaweed look pretty is important to me for my happiness quotient to remain on high.

In the top of my Christmas box I have tucked away a few items for Halloween.

And what's fun is semi-hiding the goodies. I enjoy watching folks as they discover the decorations I've placed in spots that catch the eye without being too overwhelming. In a boat the size of Seaweed I have to be careful I don't cross the line into "too much" -- it's hard to describe but I'm sure you've seen it and would recognize same just as well as I could.

Boo Ghost has a spot next to my stove.
He was a lamp finial in a previous life.
Boo Troll makes me laugh every time. He is
atop my bookcase, hanging out with a penguin.

Another thing I do for each holiday, season or event is buy a dish towel. Sure, a dollar dish towel may not seem extravagant yet it adds a festive touch to my small home and allows me to enjoy (really!) drying the dishes or wiping up a counter. It's little things, inexpensive ones, that for me make each season something to be anticipated. And the old towels become work rags -- I don't keep stuff unless it's special or I love it.

Yet my most favorite holiday decoration is Spooky. She's tucked up high next to my Hella fan and is almost hidden, unless you look for her. I found the wooden blank at a Hobby Lobby, stained her with Minwax Red Oak and, well, I like Spooky. She makes me smile.

The valance rod is a 36" oak dowel, held up by two cup holders.
I carved out a notch where the brass hooks support the dowel rod.

Happy Halloween from Seaweed to you.

Do you decorate for Halloween?
What's your favorite candy?


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