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Date: 18 October 2015. Vinegar Cleans Pans.

In the last month or three I've done quite a bit of canning. Those chicken leg quarters were too tempting to pass up. [The how-to's are in the Canning 10 Pounds of Chicken article.] There is however one consequence. The pressure cooker gets white hard-water rings inside and I don't like the look of them. The solution is cheap and easy. Here's how to solve that problem.


HARD-WATER SCALE inside pressure cooker:

It's just aesthetics. That doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate it for long.

Simply pour three or four tablespoons of vinegar in the bottom of the pan. You could pour more. The object is to wet the rings. Vinegar is acidic and it will do the majority of the cleaning for you.

Oh, and vinegar is vinegar. The cheap stuff is a-okay. Life is good that way...

Next, pour a *cuppa some beverage. I'm still drinking tea though as the season changes I'll go back to coffee soon no doubt. Relax and enjoy your drink.

*cuppa is a word used by Bruce Van Sant (of Gentleman's Guide to Passages South fame) and means cup.

 What you're doing is allowing the vinegar time to do the work for you. That takes a few minutes.


Gaze upon the waters surrounding your boat. Are YOU being watched?


These photos were taken when I was up the coast. I believe this is the pelican teenager I met last December. A new friend was waiting for the shrimp boat Rollin Stone to arrive when we had the most extraordinary experience. Dallas and the Pelican tells the tale, with tons of pictures.

Boating is like that. Small moments really are the best life has to offer.


After you've relaxed and counted your blessings, take out your kitchen sponge. I prefer the yellow with green scrubby versus the blue with blue. The blue sponges don't seem to hold up as well.

Sometimes a bit of scrubbing is required.

If the scale is not coming off, add more vinegar and try again. It should come off easily.

You might have noticed in the above picture that my sponge looks a bit too small. That's deliberate. I take one sponge and cut it into either two or three miniature sponges. The smaller sponges use less water when washing dishes. And too, it saves money.

I am truly blessed to be afloat and able to enjoy all nature has to show me.
This life can be yours too. With determination all things are possible.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

Are you a vinegar user in something besides salads?
What other uses have you found for vinegar?


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