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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler cruising on $14 per day is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

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  • Paralyzed by Planning (includes sundries list) I have been Paralyzed by Planning. You see, shortly I'll be taking off for the east coast. I don't anticipate visiting a grocery store until February. Figuring out what I will want is one thing. The larger part of the problem however is storage. There's not much on a small boat such as Seaweed. Most of my difficulty is a direct result of my own paralysis however.
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  • Glass Dishes (elegance afloat) I often hear from folks transitioning to life afloat. The ladies question galley gear. They are used to their conveniences and worry about having to downgrade their lifestyle, cooking habits, dishware and more. I'm here to say decadence is just around the river bend. I've got it and you can too!
    Categories: Boats, Characters, Galley, Pets, Wild Things,

  • Handy Heater Review. Aboard Seaweed I do not watch television. Therefore the "As Seen on TV" items flogged in late night commercials are beyond the scope of my knowledge. When I came across a Handy Heater in the local Walmart I was intrigued. On sale last April for $20, I decided to take a chance and bought the thing. Here's what you need to know.
    Categories: Comfort, Gear, Money, Recommendations,

  • Manatee Bumps Algae. I have loved manatees since practically forever. They are friendly and playful. Slow swimming, manatees seem to seek out people. Because I prefer remote areas where wildlife is abundant I have had many encounters with the gentle giants. Here on the gulf coast, I am nestled in close to mangrove trees. This spot affords me an abundance of critters to watch.
    Categories: Characters, Wild Things,

  • Hurricane Irma Saga. This was a four-part series. They are listed individually below. For those that prefer their reading all on one page (and it's a biggie) the entire tale is found here on this, the Hurricane Irma Saga page.
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  • Hurricane Irma (part 4) Getting ready for a major hurricane is never easy. Knowing when to trust the broadcasters is problematic at best. Sometimes newsmen get it right and other times predictions are way off the mark. Listening to television live on YouTube was a new experience for me. Additionally there was one website that struck a home run as far as hurricane information was concerned.
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  • Hurricane Irma (part 3) Believe me when I say hindsight is 20/20. Everyone is smarter after the fact. I sure was/am. Knowing what I know now, would I have left? NO WAY. And I was not the only person who felt betrayed. Universally, those I met across the bridge on the mainland side were all sorry we had left our homes on the beach. The promises made of an early return were not kept.
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  • Hurricane Irma (part 2) As written in Hurricane Irma (part 1), my Seaweed is more than just a home. She's my shelter, my safety, my tranquility and my happiness. I love my boat. Protecting her is paramount. Hurricane season each year is from the first of June through the end of November. For me having  places where I can hide from *fetch is critical.
    Categories: Boat Talk, Boats, Characters, Gear, Locations, Security,

  • Hurricane Irma (part 1) Over the decades I have experienced more than my fair share of hurricanes both afloat and ashore. Some have profoundly effected my sense of well-being. Others have helped frame my current life and lifestyle. This final one, Hurricane Irma, has cemented a decision made back in the late 1990's, one that I had disregarded for Irma much to my chagrin. This is a mistake I will do my utmost to avoid in the future.
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  • Drain Cleaner. The sink in my galley began to drain slowly. Although I am careful to scrape any food stuffs over the side before washing dishes, I know that I miss sometimes. Keeping the sink and shower drains clear is easier when I stay on top of it. There are a few "tricks" that keep the water flowing well. Here are mine.
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  • Is a 34' boat Big Enough? Recently a young man asked if a 34' boat would be big enough to live aboard with his bride. Almost any size boat will suffice for one person. Adding another individual to the equation does offer opportunities for both success and failure. Here is my advice to those couples considering life aboard any boat.
    Categories: Boats, Characters, Locations, Pets, Relationships,

  • Anchor Locker Leak Fixed. The rains of summer have arrived and with a vengeance. Much to my chagrin I discovered that water can seep into my cabin from the anchor locker door. When making my bunk with fresh sheets I discovered the far end of the mattress was damp. Here's how I solved that problem for less than a dollar.
    Categories: Gear, In the Bilges, Money, Wild Things,

  • What to Wear. I remember before I bought Seaweed I spent what now seems like an inordinate amount of time worrying about what I would wear. Surprise, surprise: I wear mostly what I wore ashore. Here are the details about what is the same and what differs for me since living aboard my boat.
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  • Small Powerboat Option. My website has opened me up to new friendships near and far. I post and folks read. Over 3 million so far! That total is beyond amazing to me. I truly am blessed to lead this life. What is even better is when I discover someone mentioning me in an online forum. A fellow boater named Sea Dreaming on Cruiser's Forum said this: CF member janice142 has a blog about life aboard a trawler. Very charming!  I admit I puffed up a notch at that.
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  • Summertime Computer Woes. I have missed y'all! My Toshiba netbook is an NB305 and I love her when she works properly. She uses just 15 watts of power which means I seldom have to shut her off. When the Toshiba is quirky life spirals. I am very glad to be back posting. Thanks for waiting for me!
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  • On Island Time (Schucker 440 Motorsailor) A couple years back I met via email a wonderful gal named Cheryl. She and her husband Fred cruise aboard a Schucker 440 motorsailer. Their vessel is named Island Time. She is a comfortable home. There are a lot of personal touches and gear additions that I am considering for Seaweed as a direct result of viewing their boat. It's little things that create a unique live-aboard.
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  • Finding a Veterinarian. I use my daughter's house address as a Home Port when cruising. Recently she received notice that Skipper was due for her shots. Because my last vet moved, I had to locate someone new. When underway finding a veterinarian can be problematic. No one at the waterfront could offer advice so I was on my own. This is what I did.
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  • Sheet Trick. Life afloat is wonderful. I know I'm fortunate to live aboard my own boat. Plus I'm on the gulf coast of Florida which translates to beautiful green waters. It is the stuff of dreams, until summertime. As the temperatures soar tempers shorten. We then have the annual installment of the generator "have" versus "have not" contingents.
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  • Buying a Big Boat (part 3) Search criteria for boat buying is something each individual has to decide for himself. Having elbow room in the engine room is critical in my view. If you cannot easily get to engine components to do routine maintenance you won't do it. I can practically guarantee that the previous owner did not do preventative maintenance either.
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  • Buying a Big Boat (part 2) As we mature, at least for me, the boating fun is found most often in a life of decadence. I'm a big proponent of having the most comfortable boat you can afford. Then make her better. Nine years ago Seaweed had potential. She was however an Inadequate Boat. It has taken literally years to get to this point. I must admit the here and now is mighty fine.
    Categories: Characters, Comfort, Gear, Locations, Recommendations,

  • Buying a Big Boat (part 1) Quite frequently folks ask me questions about boating. Now you should know I am not an expert. I'm simply out here living life, making mistakes and learning all the time. For me understanding new concepts and applying them aboard Seaweed is a large part of the pleasure. I cannot imagine sitting in an apartment, isolated from the world at my age. I want to be out here doing things. If you're like me, boating is for you too.
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  • Magnifier. It is always a delight when I am given something I didn't know I needed. One such gift turned out to be far  more useful than I first imagined. Cheryl on Island Time is a local gal and great fun. She also is thoughtful. Recently she gave me the coolest seahorse magnifier. It's just so handy I don't know how I ever managed without one.
    Categories: Boats, Characters, Gear, Vignettes,

  • Upside Down Tomato Plant How-To. At anchor I always crave produce. I want to grow my own salads aboard Seaweed. Lentils are easy to sprout and a part of my diet.  Tomatoes would be a lovely addition to my salad bowl. Upside down tomato planters such as the Topsy-Turvy sold on Amazon appealed to me. The price did not. Here's how I did something similar for a whole lot less money.
    Categories: Boat Talk, Boats, Characters, Galley, Money, Recommendations, Unmentionables,

  • JB Weld (cap won't open fix) Although I have a rather extensive tool inventory, it's mostly old stuff. Sometimes my perfectly good tube of gook will have a cap that simply refuses to untwist. This time the problem tube was JB Weld. I've made a mess more than one time trying to get to the good stuff inside a recalcitrant container. Now I have finally figured out a solution so simple I wonder why I'd never thought of it before. Best of all, it's free.
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  • Sailboat in Gulfport. Recently Skipper and I went down to Gulfport with a couple of the neighbors. It was great. In addition to learning about the courtesy dock [see the Gulfport, FL weekend dockmaster Tom article] I met the nicest young couple living an economical and fun-loving life on a *Pearson.
    Categories: Anchorages, Boats, Characters, Comfort, Gear, Locations, Relationships,

  • How to Pick an Outboard Motor. Folks preparing to cruise often put a lot of thought into their dinghy. Selecting the right motor is also important. The tender must be able to take the owners to and from shore safely. It needs to be a *dry ride and have the capacity to carry not just people but stuff too. That small boat will also haul groceries, laundry, boat parts and more to and from your boat home and shore.
    Categories: Boat Talk, Boats, Characters, Locations, Relationships, Security,

  • Drying Damp Books. On Seaweed occasionally a book will become damp. Sometimes it's from being beneath a new drip. More often though I'll leave for a short ride to the grocery store and a quick shower will blow through. Of course I could close the boat up in case of rain each time I leave her. Mostly I don't and then deal with the consequences of that decision.
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  • Sharing Plants. Tuesday was Pi Day. That is a special date because nine years ago on 3-14-2008 I bought my Seaweed. Life is wonderful aboard her. I am leading the life now that I dreamt of way back when. It's been a journey and I know I'm fortunate. The best part is that this could be your life as well.
    Categories: Characters, Locations, Money,

  • Gulfport, FL weekend dockmaster Tom. Last weekend a couple of the canal neighbors and I drove over to Gulfport. I'd anchored there back in mid-October when Island Time organized a Full Moon celebration there. It was a great spot then and has gotten even better. Here's why:
    Categories: Anchorages, Boats, Characters, Locations, Pets,

  • Meet the Culprit (styptic) It all started out innocently enough. A few months ago the mangrove resident Black-Crowned Night Herons built a nest. Two eggs hatched and one chick survived to adulthood. Buddy is a teenager, nearly fully grown though not as robust as his dad, Bud.
    Categories: Books, Characters, Gear, Locations, Pets, Recommendations, Unmentionables, Wild Things,

  • Missing Medicines. Getting sick is never fun. On a boat far from civilization a minor problem easily solved by a visit to a physician and pharmacy can become serious. Last month my sense of complacency was rocked, all because of a cough. That I did not have a well-stocked medicine cabinet was my fault. Here's what I did wrong:
    Categories: Anchorages, Boat Talk, Boats, Books, Locations, Money, Recommendations, Security, Unmentionables,

  • Disney 2017. The day I posted the last article I disappeared to Disneyworld thanks to the kindness of my daughter and her husband. They brought me on holiday with them! This was my First Ever vacation to go off and have fun. Now of course I've been to see relatives, but to actually go away and stay at a hotel was totally wonderful. Excuse me, it was a Resort according to baby. That means there is a store plus entertainment and a restaurant right at the resort. How cool is that?!?
    Categories: Characters, Locations, Pets,

  • Watermaker Wish Coming True. Great News!!! I was offered a Katydin 40E watermaker. It comes complete with the world cruising kit and the spares kit too along with a pre-filter assembly I read about. It was an amazing coup. I am truly blessed. My friend Ken is taking it off his sailboat and will install it in mine. I am beyond excited, thrilled, joyous, happy, and cannot stop smiling. True friends are an amazing gift.
    Categories: Boats, Characters, Comfort, Gear,

  • M/V Lutin (a family tradition) Guest author Olivier on TS M/V Lutin. For Captain Olivier's family yachting is an ongoing tradition. Looking at previous editions of their boats is fun. For me, I am reminded that every vessel was the epitome at one time. Needs, choices and desires change over the years. Here's a look back in time from the coast of France. Enjoy...
    Categories: Boat Talk, Boats, Characters, Locations, The Writer's Block

  • Dish Towels. Boating often seems to be a series of getting wonderful things, then hunting for a perfect place to put them. This is an ongoing issue aboard Seaweed for certain. Clutter and chaos interfere with my sense of calm. The latest storage problem was regarding towels. The newest two are great, but where to put them?!?
    Categories: Boats, Characters, Galley, Locations, Vignettes,

  • Turn-Key versus Fixer-Upper. A new Member of the Mailing List for my site asked for advice on how to buy his Last Boat. We both grumbled about sellers who lie, obfuscate, misrepresent and hide important facts about their boats. Folks, if your deck is so squishy I'm sinking in, please do not have the audacity to call your boat in "Good Condition". It's a fixer-upper.
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