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Date: 20 September 2015. A New Calder's (2015, 4th Edition)

Every live aboard boat I've ever been on has a well-thumbed copy of Calder's. It's no joke when folks refer to it as the boat owner's Bible. Just yesterday while perusing Amazon for things I didn't know I needed, I ran across the latest edition of Calder's Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual. I can't wait to own it. Because I wasn't aware the book had been updated, I wanted to share the good news with others. Thus, today's vignette.

My Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual is well-thumbed and has notes in it too.

This is definitely the most useful book I own aboard my Seaweed -- besides my charts that is.

In the meantime, to afford the $60 (retail!) price I've listed on Amazon my 3rd edition. I hope someone will buy it. As soon as that happens I'll order my own copy of the newest 4th Edition of Calder's Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual. I hope it will be on sale when I buy the new one.

Even at full price, Calder's is a bargain. I know from experience that I'll save in the long run by virtue of being able to diagnose and hopefully fix many problems that arise.

Keeping down extraneous (like duplicates of the same book) is important
to maintaining a boat that does not look like a storage facility for a hoarder.

I listed my Third Edition because I do not want to have two copies of the same title. Aboard Seaweed, there's simply not the space for extras. And too, I know for some folks a 3rd edition will suffice.

Goodness knows I want the newest version. From reviews, the 4th edition seems to be a step up, with lots more electrical information. I'm working with upgrading my electrical (aren't we all?!?) and tweaking the components of Seaweed. This Calder's book should help me do it properly.

Of course I don't anticipate being able to understand everything immediately. Calder's takes study. The majority of the time mine comes out is when stuff is going wrong. Then I read, look through the troubleshooting charts, and figure it all out if possible.

Sometimes I can even fix the problem myself. Those are good days.

That's it for today -- just a brief note suggesting you spend money. In the long run you'll save -- guaranteed. If you could buy through my link that would be wonderful. That's a hint folks!

Did you know Calder's had a new book out?
Had you already bought it or are you sticking with the 3rd Edition for the near-term?


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