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Date: 21 October 2016. All's Well aboard Seaweed.


QUICK NOTE: All is well aboard Seaweed! Skipper and I have been having fun, going out regularly, anchoring and basically enjoying life. I've been testing systems (don't ask about the fan belt issue, yet!) and finding room for improvement. Sigh.

This has also been a time of reflection. Losing friends brings home the importance of life and enjoying same. Prioritizing, along with helping a friend get his boat cruise ready have taken more time than I expected.

A trip to the local American Legion is a sure fire pick-me-up.

Edwin, Doreen and me with the glass of sangria at the American Legion post in Madeira Beach, FL.

Like all boat projects, the One-More-Thing-Itis is alive and well in Madeira Beach, FL. And it seems each job brings up more wonder. That's as in "I wonder what the P.O. (Previous Owner) was thinking when he did this!?!"

My friend and I are working on a plethora of large and small items. The goal is to get his trawler more cruise ready.

The to-do list of jobs for his boat so far seems to be getting larger
 rather than smaller. I hope that means we are making progress!

No, his trawler will not be finished. No boat ever is. His will be Good Enough. That's all one can ask when budgets are paramount.

As for Seaweed, she's just about perfect except for the stuff that is broken, needs upgrading, fixing or changing that is! Life aboard is wonderful just as she is. That's not to say I don't have a list of improvements I hope to accomplish one of these days...

More articles are upcoming. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be just south of here at a nautical flea market. I've got a list and hope to put a sizable dent in it.

Redoing the battery bank is in store. The plan is to switch to buss bars. That will make the monthly battery checks easier. I'll need four sets (positive and ground) for the batts. I have two banks, five in one bank and three batteries in the other.

Of course I'll be consulting Calder's Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual 4th Edition for specifics. I have three charging systems. For the curious, they are an Air-Breeze wind generator, a TrueCharge20, plus my solar panels. It's all got to work together.

I want to make sure I'm up to date on the latest technology and advice regarding power and charging.  It's important that I maintain my batteries. I cannot afford to replace batts because of stupidity. That is the primary reason I check them each month.

In the meantime rest assured: I didn't forget you. All is well. Today I put a pretty big dent in the email Inbox. I'm just below 500 new messages so if you've written I'll get to it. Email simply is not a priority when there's boating to do.

Life is truly wonderful afloat. I love my Seaweed.

Two separate lines hold Algae to Seaweed. They attach at different points providing double security.

I've got to get new stickers for the boats. The registrations expire at the end of this month for both Seaweed and Algae. It's just a week until my birthday so I need to take care of that too. Argh!

In all that spare time of mine that is..

But first, the nautical flea market. Wish me luck!

Have you ever sold anything at a nautical flea market?
What have you bought at a nautical flea market?



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