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Date: 20 August 2020. Bilge Oil and Water Removal.


For a few years now I have been keeping a gigantic syringe aka water blaster as a part of my rowboat gear. Initially this item was used exclusively in the dinghy. It would get out that last little bit of water from the bottom of Algae. The same item can be useful aboard your boat home too.

Algae is my 1972 fiberglass dinghy. She is old, worn and beat up. She's mine and I like her.

Water collects in the center keel area. The syringe makes removal of that water easy.

Recently I was chatting with a fellow boater about how I like to keep my bilge clean and dry. The SeaSense bilge pump does an adequate job for the majority of the water. It is the last smidge of water at the bottom of my bilge that is the problem.


When a sailor was saying she was going to tie a sponge to a stick so she could remove the water at the bottom of her keel, I had a solution. The required item is a toy. It costs just $1 at the Dollar Tree.

This toy is sold at Dollar Tree. It is 26" long.

The h20 Blaster is a syringe and can be utilized for shooting water long distances.

This gigantic syringe is sold at Dollar Tree in the toy department near the buckets and water toys. I would suggest the purchase of two. Eventually the handle will separate from the syringe part. As a temporary fix, a hose clamp can resolve that issue. I find my toy syringe lasts at least a year.

There is a shorter version of the h20 Blaster that I also keep in my arsenal of "can be useful" items. I recommended this item to a neighbor. The smaller syringe worked well in removing gunk from the oil pan under his engine.

This is the smaller syringe. It is shorter so fits in tighter compartments.

If you're curious, no I do not own stock in Dollar Tree though I would not object to having some. Maybe some day...



In your spare time I would definitely suggest boaters buy both the extended and shorter versions of this syringe gizmo toy. It is one of those items that proves worthwhile more often than you might imagine at first thought.


Longer, 26" version

Shorter, 12" version

When speaking with a friend on the telephone, he asked what I was writing about. I relayed to him the gist of this vignette. He reminded me of how useful he finds the syringe for blasting out cockpit drains.

Recently I was at the boatyard. It was important that I empty my bilge totally. The syringe along with a couple of empty one gallon containers made the process clean and easy.

Seaweed did very well at the boatyard. Salt Creek Boatyard did a great job on my home.

Best of all was seeing my girl heading back to the water. It is great to be afloat again.

The syringe is one of those items that can easily become essential for a variety of chores. Consider one for your boat.

That is it for today. I've got loads of news from the boatyard, so that's upcoming. Thank you for reading.  

What is your favorite toy-tool?
Do you have a syringe aboard your boat?

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