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Date 22 January 2014. Blowing Bubbles.

You know it's a cold day in Carrabelle when you come up into the galley for that first cup of coffee and notice frost on the windows. A glance at the temperature gauge didn't help. This morning it was warmer inside the refrigerator than in the cabin! Brrr. 

Still, even in 20-something degree weather life aboard a boat offers opportunities for amusement. Skipper and I are both fairly easy to entertain. When outside, she does wear a winter coat. Hers is hot pink with a white snowflake on the back.

My first mate is just like me:  not particularly fond of winter this far north!

Skipper has learned that her "outside" is on the swim platform. Even when it's cold or raining that's where she goes. This morning was no exception. First I tucked her in her winter coat and then a quick trip to the platform.

While she was sniffing around I grabbed the bubble container and blew. A bubble was created. It was beautiful. The bubble arced out about a foot and then fell -- just like a rock. Well, more accurately, it dropped like a round ball of ice!

For some reason this amused me so for a couple of minutes I stood out there and had fun blowing bubbles. Gosh though, I can't wait until I get someplace warmer! [No photographs of the bubble-ice-rocks as I didn't want to damage the camera by getting it so cold.]

So, what do people do for entertainment when it's this cold?
Does anyone have any ideas for stuff to do on a boat in the middle of winter? (Moving south is not an option until the new engine is in.)


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