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Date: 30 March 2015. Boat Shoes Inside.

Aboard boats as in some homes there are procedures and preferences with regards to footwear. For some, shoes inside is verboten while others want you to wear foot protection. As for me, I keep my nails painted so if it's a vessel with a shoe prohibition my tootsies look pretty.

Aboard Seaweed I take off my deck shoes and wear socks with rubber bumps on the bottom... 'tis not a health issue or a "don't hurt my fabulous boat" thing either. It's because my slipper/socks are comfy.

These are my piggies:

There is absolutely nothing that can be done to the sole of this boat that hasn't already happened. When I bought her, it was painted battleship grey with oil splotches and goodness knows what all else.

I refinished the sole, first having the boards sanded partially to knock off the stains, mostly. Then I went over it with a blue stain (Minwax) followed by six coats of varnish.

It's okay, and not slick. That's real important because I don't want to slip inside and hurt myself.

I purposely did not sand between coats of varnish. I hate sanding. [It's not just the dust it's the grime everywhere. Yuck.] Thus, the tiny bubbles that came up offer a sort of non-skid that would not be found if it were perfect. The sole is definitely "good enough" and that suits me fine.

It is not pretty and I like it as is.

Generally when company is aboard I do leave on my Sperry's but that's only because going below to swap for slippers is rude. Usually my topsiders reside on the step leading into my cabin.

I'm never barefoot. Soft feet are nicer, you know?

Aboard your boat you get to make the rules. As for me, when visiting I make sure the toe nail polish is spiffy.

I'd love to hear what you do on your boat. Shoes on or off?
If a landlubber, what is your preference inside your home?


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