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Date: 3 December 2015. Christina O. (Aristotle Onassis' yacht)

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Preamble: I am gearing up for the St. Pete Boat Show so the articles will be playing catch-up while I have fun. This is a vignette with the photograph sent to me by TS M/V Lutin. With Captain Olivier and Pilou aboard, Lutin cruises out of Antibes, France. More about this gent and his sister onboard a Grand Banks in a later article...

I believe all of us on boats keep our eyes open for the yachts that share our waters. Occasionally an outstanding example crosses our horizon. Such was the case back in July for my friend Olivier.

Meet Christina O.

The Christina O. belonged to Aristotle Onassis and was his personal yacht. Launched in 1943, she is 99 meters long (325') and became sumptuous under Onassis' ownership. Her beam is 36.5' and she draws 14'.


Elios Patronikolas, a friend of Mr. Onassis wrote:


(quote from the Aristotle-Onassis.blogspot.com) "In 1954 Aristotle Socrates Onassis created the greatest yacht of all, Christina. Named after his beloved daughter, she was a sleek, 325-foot, shimmering-white masterpiece proudly displaying the Onassis signature, the yellow funnel. While the ship had begun life in 1943 as the Canadian naval frigate Stormont, a convoy escort, Onassis purchased her in 1948 for just $34,000 and converted her during the early 1950ís into the most sumptuous private yacht that the world had ever seen, at the cost of more than $4 million."


You must visit http://aristotle-onassis.blogspot.com/2006/02/christina-o.html to read more about her. Truly the website/blogspot is worth your time. It was fascinating to read about the boat and her accoutrements from a man who actually was there and knew Mr. Onassis.



The photo shows Christina O. at anchor in Cap d'Antibes, France. Lutin met her on July 28, 2015.


Thanks Captain Olivier for allowing me to use your picture.

Christina O. is a gem.

Have you seen this yacht or another that caught your eye?
Where and what was the boat that sparked your imagination?

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