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Date: 3 April 2015. Command in the Galley.

Posted late due to ongoing bandwidth issues.

It all started a couple weeks back when I bought my latest holiday decor for the galley. I mentioned that in the Spring on Pi Day (copper advice) article. My Easter towel included a matching potholder. Well, I don't normally use them but it is pretty and I wanted to show it off a bit too.

Boats just don't have much bulkhead (aka wall) space, and I'm a nut for putting things away. I didn't want to hide my Happy Easter bunny potholder so needed a solution.

For the most part I live without media influences. I simply do not know about stuff advertised on television because I haven't owned one since 1993. One day I'll tell you how that came about...

Those of you with cable TV probably know all about Command products. I didn't, until recently.

Part of the fun of shopping is actually looking at products and reading the blurbs on the packages. Last year I discovered a 3M line that suits my lifestyle and budget.


Command Hooks in the Galley


Best of all, the Commands are idiot-proof. You may wonder how I can state such a thing unequivocally. That's because I almost messed 'em up!

To the left please note the two tabs of backing paper. The one has red, and the other is black. Well the black side is clearly marked Wall Side.

It's a simple wipe off the bulkhead, push and then attach the hook to the red side after removing backing paper. A minute later it's ready for use.


Side Note regarding Command products: The upper right corner of each item tells you a weight it can support. I've used the Velcro light weight strips for a ceramic picture frame in my cabin with success. Just size the product to your needs and you'll be all set.

Circa spring 2015, the light weight ones are $2 to $3 and the larger heavier ones run $4 or so per package. I've found the in discount stores (Dollar General) and remember seeing them in Walmart too.

I'm glad I have them aboard Seaweed.



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I use Command Hooks onboard Seaweed when I want to attach something to the bulkhead. They are easy to remove. Another good quality is that they leave no residue when you take them down.


Right now is the season for popcorn and movies. Sometimes eating right out of the pan is okay too, especially when it's an excellent DVD. Let company be aboard and the bowls come out for good manners. But when alone? Well, I'm not admitting 'nuttin.

Still, a potholder will work in lieu of a trivet and the popcorn pan cannot sit on the dinette table when I'm watching a movie, or a series. I just finished watching the Hallmark miniseries Dinotopia and can recommend it highly. I loved it...

That's an affiliate link but definitely read the blurbs about the show. If you like steam punk, Jules Verne, Professor Lupin of Harry Potter fame, and a wonderful librarian dinosaur named Zippo, well, this is a just a great movie. I'm an old sci-fi fan (pre-1950's) and loved it. I can't wait to watch Dinotopia again.

Yes, I've got the James Gurney books too. He wrote and illustrated the phenomenon that became Dinotopia. I've got all three of his books. Two are at my daughter's house except for the last one which is in my to-be-read locker.

It's just that there's this Kindle... and I confess my head has been turned 180 degrees by the little thing.

I love having the ability to read at will whenever I wish any number of books. It's one of my biggest pleasures in life afloat. Now I cannot imagine life without a Kindle -- nor do I wish to do so. I truly am blessed.

Anyway, were I to not put my popcorn in a bowl, I'd definitely use the Easter potholder in lieu of a trivet. Mine is on the bulkhead right behind the stove and is convenient. Plus it's festive.

To you and yours, I wish you a happy Easter. Keep safe and remember to be thankful for all we do have. We truly are blessed. After all, we get a free trip around the sun each year.

Do you decorate for Easter?
Anything special planned for dinner? I haven't decided what to fix yet.


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