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Date: 29 July 2020. Credit Card Compromised.


I use a credit card to pay my bills each month. Back in February my credit card was compromised. Charges that were not my own appeared on the bill. My Baby works in the fraud prevention department of a financial institution. She advised me to set up phone alerts on my accounts. This is a free service, though your company may differ so do verify that if you chose to go by my route.

Baby, and the Newest edition:


Now when I make a charge within seconds I receive a text notification of both the amount and merchant. Each time I spend money, I know immediately. On Sunday this "saved my bacon" when I saw these two texts:

NFCU: Transaction for $6.00 was approved on credit card 8235 at Newsstand at 01:14 PM EDT on 07/26/20. Txt STOP to opt-out.
NFCU: Transaction for $5.00 was approved on credit card 8235 at Newsstand at 01:14 PM EDT on 07/26/20. Txt STOP to opt-out.

Neither of these charges were mine. I was at home and certainly did not spend $6 or $5 at a Newsstand. Still to someone not careful and innocuous charge of $5 or $6 to a newsstand might seem to be valid by the time the bill arrived.

The text notification allowed me to immediately contact the credit union. Both charges were stopped. A new card has been issued. I am due to receive it this week.

Still, it is disconcerting to have no way to pay for things at present. I'll remedy that soon.

Lesson Learned:
Getting text notifications for my credit card account was wise. Most banks provide the messages at no charge.

Side Note: I also receive a daily balance text for my checking and savings account.


For those who wonder, I do realize I would not have been financially responsible for the two charges against my credit card as they were not mine. Even so, being able to in some small way stop the bad guys does feel pretty terrific.

So, that's it from the boat yard. I'll be receiving a new credit card in the mail later this week. Be safe and secure out there.

I'll be back to boating with the next article. Thank you for reading.

Have you ever had a credit card compromised/stolen?
Do you have more than one account for these times?

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