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Date: 25 September 2015. Locker Latch Alignment.


Just today I was speaking with my friend Irene. We were chatting about the "little things" that get to us. And too, how a chore list can grow exponentially in almost no time at all. For me it is the small stuff that gets in the way of my contentment. Things like locker doors that either do not stay closed or cannot shut properly become a source of irritation.

Of course it is silly to grumble about a locker door when living in Florida on a boat. Folks just are not nearly sympathetic enough to the plight! It is a rough life, I tell you...

For instance, there are two locker doors under my sink in the galley. The one on the right I had to pull up to close. The left locker had to be pushed down in order to shut securely. I will not admit how long this issue has been going on, but suffice it to say, oh, summertime... of 2014.

To be fair however, the locker door situation has gotten worse of late.

Finally I took a look at the latch part to see if I could figure out what was wrong.

The catch gizmo was SKEWED TO THE LEFT. No wonder the door wouldn't close properly!

The other side, what I'd call the FEMALE PART OF THE LATCH is a-okay.

Aside: I went online to see if I could find out a proper name for the locker latch gizmos. This is what I discovered: The duo, male and female sides together are known as a friction roller cabinet catch latch. If your eyes just did a double back-flip, I understand completely. Mine did too.

Were money no object I might be tempted to upgrade. This is one of those situations where, IF I spot a couple of these gizmos at a very low cost I *might* buy them. I have put in an affiliate link so you can see more details/read reviews on Amazon.

You DO NOT want any version that has a magnetic closure on a boat. Even these are frankly not terrific for a boat that gets underway.

Friction Roller Cabinet Catch Latch, Bronze 10 pack

affiliate link



Fixing a Latch so your locker will close properly:


This is an easy repair and I do not know why I did not do it long before now. The part that is skewed needed to be straightened first. Vise grips work well for that task. Next, I checked the fit.

It was not quite correct, so I raised the male side a nudge. That was a bit more delicate as I did not want to crush the latch. Still, the metal was strong and I had no difficulties.


Finally, after far too long, I have both doors that open
and close with ease. I should have done this months ago.

Have you ever waited a long time to tackle a job?
Was it as easy as mine? I'm irritated that I didn't attempt to fix this long ago.

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