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Date: 11 February 2014. Music in the Morning.

This morning I realized I'm still a "mom" even though Kidlet (my girl child) is far from here.  You see, I got up early to make a cup of coffee and had left Skipper asleep on the bunk. Once in the galley I spotted a dolphin by the river bank and immediately worried!  Skipper goes bonkers when she hears dolphin and I wanted her to sleep in a bit. The solution was easy.

A few years back a fellow was giving away an AM/FM/CD player radio. He had one of those iPod music makers and this (automobile) radio had an outlet to plug in the iPod. After repeatedly plugging and unplugging the iPod, that part no longer worked reliably so he bought another radio. I was fortunate enough to be given the old one.

Well, I started thinking about the issues he'd had and figured that if the iPod part would stop functioning, the USB outlet would do the same eventually.  My solution was to use a short USB to USB (male to female) and that way I could at will swap out my flash drives. When it stops working, replacing the USB to USB will be a snap.

So anyway, it's morning, and I've not yet had caffeine.  Trust me when I suggest it's not a pretty time of the day for me.  Bleary eyed, chilled (it's cold here!) I arrived at the galley just in time to spot that dolphin. And I definitely didn't want Skipper to breach my wake-up time.  Fortunately I've got that radio and I quickly turned on the power.

Then I listened to some tunes while watching the dolphin until he disappeared around the river bend.  Eventually my pup woke up and gave her "arf" (it's not loud) that indicated she was ready for some attention. And this was my girl first thing this morning:

Sometimes it's nice to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet all by myself. And this morning the radio allowed me to do just that.

Is the morning your time for reflection?
Does caffeine start your day?


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