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Date: 9 November 2015. Pet ID Tags.

Keeping our critters safe afloat is of course a concern. When ashore on Skipper's harness I have her Pet I.D. tags attached. She also has a micro-chip for identification. That's a good start. It is not enough.

Mac is behind Skipper peeking over her head. He's a young pup in this photo.



You met Skipper's friend Mac in the Making Friends article. Mac enjoys life on a MacGregor sailboat that is being transformed into a pilothouse motor vessel. I like that the owners Joanne and Glenn have taken the time to make Gypsy (their boat) into what they require.

There's a lesson to be had in there:
Fix and improve what you have.

Our 40'er changed considerably [see The Fishing Boat] over the years as we made her ours. You can do the same thing. Indeed I am doing so. What I bought worked then, however I knew there would need to be changes in order to support my life and lifestyle long term.

That's what I've been doing: Making Seaweed mine.


In any event and back to the topic at hand: dogs aboard.

Recently a friend took his First Mate into the vet. Sid has his annual check-up. With that came shots and a new rabies tag. I suggested we take the old tag and add it to Sid's life jacket. That way Sid's ID, albeit outdated, would serve a useful purpose.

Sid's 2014 clover shaped RABIES TAG now is attached to his yellow life jacket.

As for Skipper's older tags, I add them to the Christmas ornament collection. Hers are shaped like stars and I'm a Trekkie. My tree is eclectic so a dog tag is simply another interesting object. Besides, I like it. That's all that counts in the end.


Skipper has her old pink rabies tag on her life preserver. It's at her shoulder. The life jacket is on when we leave Seaweed. She wears it when visiting other boats too.

I'd suggest all dog owners hang on to last year's rabies tag. Attach it to your pet's life jacket.

You also might want to pay for
one of those I.D. tags that
include your phone number.



Does your dog wear a life jacket when underway?
Have you a better identification system for your pet?


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