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Date: 15 April 2015. Rocky Raccoon.

A couple days ago I walked over to the grocery store. Chicken thighs were on sale for 89 cents a pound so I bought a package containing eight. Costing just less than $3, I was happy to find a bargain. Usually it's at least double that price. And I had plans for that chicken!


First of all, it's not shrimp but I'm hopeful. You see, the shrimp boat MC Johnson left recently. The captain apologized for the noisy generator that ran while he was docked next to my boat. I suggested he "say it with shrimp when you get back in" because, well, I like shrimp!



So, I got home with my chicken and proceeded to bone it. When I went outside to toss the bones and skin into the water I spotted a raccoon near my transom. Cool! He skedaddled but I threw two bones onto shore for the raccoon.

Even though I kept a watch out I didn't spot him again. The bones were missing though so I suspect he found them to his satisfaction.

Yesterday afternoon we had a particularly low tide and who should appear but Rocky Raccoon. He's not yet full grown.

The striped tail reminds me of the Daniel Boone shows with Fess Parker. Gosh they were fun to watch... Of course I can never see a Daniel Boone episode without remembering the Johnny Carson demonstration that went to heck in a hand-basket. Ed Ames and that tomahawk were, ahem, uniquely entertaining. (still blushing, while holding sides from laughter)

If you'd like to revisit the past, those Daniel Boone television programs are wonderful entertainment. Most afternoons aboard Seaweed I watch a DVD. It's relaxing.

Rocky Raccoon kept turning over rocks along the shoreline. He found an oyster (yummy) and ate it. It was lovely to be able to observe Rocky hunting for dinner.

Finally though, my new neighbor headed off.

I hope Rocky Raccoon comes back to visit again.

Have you any raccoons in  your neighborhood?
Do they live on your property or just pass through it?


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