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Date: 21 August 2014. Room for Improvement.


I suspect it is worse for me than many other boaters. You see, I have got this website thing, and whenever I see pictures of other people's bilges, they are pristine. Everything is freshly painted with no grime. The engine rooms are simply beautiful with all items on their own specially designed shelves or racks. Labels too -- cannot forget them!

This is the well-organized engine room of Lily Maria, a Thompson44. Everything is
labeled, and she has standing headroom too. It is fabulous and a tribute to her owners.

Then there's the bilge of Seaweed. She is not any of those things.


←This is the engine room in Seaweed with all her decks up. (I do have great access to the motor.)

Floating in the bilge, a Bilge diapers AKA Oil absorbing pad.


On the other hand, I have worked on many boats and in a lot of bilges. Being petite (5' tall) means I've been in those lazerettes unfit for humans. And most, excluding the yachting crowd, are very similar to mine.

Still, it is with a level of trepidation that I post the nether regions of Seaweed.

Life afloat is great and even when things go belly up, I continue to be happy here aboard my Seaweed. Truly I am fortunate.

And the bilge, power cords, dock lines, dinghy, et al? Well, there is plenty of room for improvement.

How does your engine room look?
Are you inspired as I am when you see a great one like Lily Maria's?

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2014, 2023

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