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Date: 6 November 2016. Seaweed's Dryer Bar.


I have a thick 100% cotton area rug in my cabin. I bought it in 2008 because I liked it so much. $15 was a lot of money and it has served me well. The problem is that it has faded terribly after numerous trips through the washer. It also dries slower than a turtle walks through molasses at the North Pole. I came up with a solution that serves me well.

Another rug, a five dollar special that I wish I had not bought also takes too long to dry. That is when I bring out my piece of teak.

This is the blue-green wonder. Ugly, not comfy on the feet and until I find something better it's Good Enough.


My ugly rug is draped over a piece of teak. A thin line is attached at each end. It is tied so it hangs centered in the doorway. The teak is one from my stash of stuff. I like teak so when I spot a piece with potential I bring it home.

The dinette lockers have scraps of teak tucked inside. In case I get the urge to make something from them I am ready. Otherwise they make fine paint sticks. A girl can't have too many stir sticks.

This was the right size, or more accurately, close enough to suffice. The teak I used is 21" long. It is 3/4" across by 3/8" thick. Found by a dumpster and in pretty rough condition when discovered, I fixed it. Teak is pretty and so I brought it home. There's something about teak (and stainless too) that a girl has just got to find a place for if at all possible.

This is what I did:

Making Teak Pretty


The teak piece I found was weathered and not so lovely to look at. The length was Good Enough so I first drilled holes, one at each end, for a line to run through.

The teak had *silvered. I washed it with soap and a green scrubby rubbing with the grain of the wood. Next I dried it in the sun for a few days. Finally I took some polyurethane I had leftover from a previous project and gave it a few coats.

*Silvered: When teak is exposed to sun and rain it turns a silver/grey color.


There was nothing fancy about the treatment. I wanted it shiny. In the process of making the teak shine the silver faded and it became the rich brown you see.

When Kidlet replaced her blinds I cut and kept the lines that pulled them up and down. I have found tons of uses for that "small stuff" aboard Seaweed. I always keep it when I see any being tossed. It is handy to have aboard.

In the lowest position as shown above it is a perfect height for clothes hangers. When I wash my unmentionables I can hang the damp items inside. Out of the sun they will not fade. Besides, I do not string up my skivvies for all to see.

I can also use the bar to support the rugs while they
dry. With the door open breezes help speed the process.

Skipper's blanket finishes drying on the teak bar in the sunlight on the starboard side doorway.

Because it is spotted I keep the tiger part on the inside so folks won't see that from outside.

Like lots of boaters without a washer or dryer, making do with what is available is a given. I find the bar is quite useful. After my shower it is perfect for spreading out the towel overnight. Nighties and other flimsy bits of fluff can be dried inside and away from prying eyes during the daytime.

Besides, I love my boat and do not want her to look untidy. I am having way too much fun for that.

As for now, everything is drying nicely in the afternoon breeze. Life is indeed very good afloat.

Thanks for reading. If you see my girl along the waterways be sure to say "hello" on Channel 16. I am always listening.


Pam says on 2 December 2016: I like your dryer bar idea. I'm also impressed by the thoughtful organization of items (glasses, umbrella, thermometer, etc. by your aft door. I'm sure every piece is exactly where it needs to be for quickly grabbing onto when needed.

Hope you're having a great time on Seaweed and many little boating adventures.


Me: Absolutely Pam... You are very observant. I can tell that once you find your Dream Boat you'll have a bunch of ideas on how to make her yours. I find a lot of my best ideas are from other live-aboard boaters. All I have to do is adapt their solutions to my issues.

And thank you for your Comment Pam. I ended up getting long winded in my reply so it will be an article in just a few minutes. All thanks to you...!

Take care, and thank you Pam.



Do you have a washer or washer/dryer combination aboard your boat?
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