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Date: 7 March 2015. Seeking Bandwidth.

If you've been reading for any length of time (thanks!) there's the possibility you've notice me grumbling about bandwidth or lack thereof. Well, I have a question and could use some assistance, but please speak slowly. Very very slowly.

You see, I'm grandfathered in to the Kidlet's phone connection via Verizon. Right now I have a dumb phone which suits me. However I could get a smart phone and have unlimited bandwidth.

That appeals to me as I'm currently paying $50.08 per month for five gigs from Verizon. Almost every month I must curtail my internet use because I don't want to pay the fee for being stupid, i.e. going over the limit.

Is there a way to make a phone somehow act as a surrogate connection point for the computer? How do I do it?

Do you have any other suggestion for me?
What service do you use when away from home?


Category: Entertainment

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