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Date: 28 August 2020. Shaft Key Alert.


I missed something Very important in my How Shaft Keys Work article. While here in the boatyard I realized my mistake. Today I'll tell you what else you need to know in this brief vignette.

One component of my visit to the boatyard was the elimination of under the water openings that no longer serve their intended purpose. For instance, at the transom I had two exhaust pipes from the original engine. Those HUGE holes were capped as a temporary measure several years ago.

Capping both inside the hull and outside three inch holes under the waterline was not the smartest of decisions. Translation: DON'T DO IT! This choice was stupid, albeit necessitated by budget.

I had the current boatyard remove the original bronze exhaust pipes. Salt Creek Boatyard glassed over those HUGE holes. The quality of Salt Creek's glass work is a-okay.

Temporary repairs often are utilized
FAR LONGER than anticipated at inception.

When I took the picture of the holes, I noticed something I had not realized previously. Can you see what I missed in the How Shaft Keys Work article?

A piece of STAINLESS STEEL BAR STOCK is utilized in my rudder system.

There is also a key at the top of the rudder post. On mine it is a different size from the ones used at Seaweed's propeller and transmission coupler. Thus I would suggest for you to measure your rudder post key and order that size bar stock too.

Note: I bought my solid stainless bar stock from Midwest Steel and Aluminum (763-582-1925) which is based in the United States.

The ones needed for my rudder post are 1/4" square.

I do apologize for not telling you previously about the rudder key. It slipped my mind. As I have never had to replace this item, I cannot say how long that it should or will last. Because this is a relatively inexpensive item, I bought spares.

On Seaweed the rudder bar stock/key enables the boat to turn. I consider this item essential. Even though I have never had a break, purchasing spares seemed prudent. What I did not know until recently is that the rudder bar stock on my boat is a smaller size than the shaft keys. That is why I now have both in my spare parts inventory.

I've been busy while at the boatyard. More frequent and shorter vignettes are upcoming. Thanks for reading.

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