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Date: 18 June 2014. Shark Changes Plans.


[Posted late because I am in transit.]

It's early -- just 1400 hours into the day however I'm tired so have chosen to anchor here versus continuing onward.  Though coastal hopping along the shore (albeit three miles from land) is not stress-free, it still takes stamina. And after I hit the half-century mark my Stamina went to visit my Grand* permanently.

*Grand: short for grandchild. Mine's perfect. She is full of energy and stamina. Some of that must have been mine.

Today is a short day and I'm at anchor off of Keaton Beach, Florida.

Though three miles off shore I chose a location with just five feet of water on the chart. Sweet! Actually, Seaweed is at N29 47.978 and W83 38.782. On the chart picture below I drew in a dorky anchor -- that where my girl is tonight.

Sandy bottom and good holding. Note: with a 33-pound Rocna, most places offer good holding.

If you look at the chart you will notice a jagged pencil mark (well, it looks like a pencil mark to me) that runs just off the coast. Actually, that is the three mile limit.  Generally speaking (though not tonight!) there is cell phone coverage and wifi available if within that line.

That's what I was hoping for at least. Alas, this area is known by locals as "The Forgotten Coast" and it's not well populated. It is charming, beautiful and has some of the friendliest folks I've ever met. I will be back.

Still, I miss being able to speak with my daughter. And email, plus Pinterest. I do want to get away from it all, but I want my goodies too, including the internet.

But, after anchor down and checking the bilges I decided it would be fun to go swimming. When I went into the cockpit I looked off the starboard side and saw a three foot long shark swimming along at the surface, parallel to my boat.  I grabbed the camera and tried to get a picture.

See that BLOB?  That's a camera-shy shark diving down.

It suddenly seemed like a good idea to come inside and relax for a bit rather than taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico. After another glass of tea I thought to myself, "surely that critter has gone by now" and went back to the cockpit to have a look-see. 

Nope, nothing at the surface.  However a look under the boat showed that shark merrily swimming back and forth near the bottom in the shade of my transom.

Although far too small to harm me, I decided that a nice shower would have to suffice for water activities today. So I did -- and feel much better, thank you.

Addendum: When I related my tale of woe about the shark to a friend he told me I had approached the whole thing incorrectly. He advised should that sort of thing ever come up again there is another option:

I should practice filet and release.
Then I could have gone swimming without a problem, and had dinner too. Hmm.

Have you ever practiced Filet and Release?
What kind of fish was it?


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