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Date: 12 November 2014. Warm Fuzzies (winter bedding)

As a southerner I hate being cold. The approach of November winds and frigid temperatures is looked toward with trepidation. A couple years back though I bought Skipper a fuzzy piece of fabric so she'd have a nice place to snuggle on the dinette seat next to me. Sitting on it a couple times myself sparked an idea for staying warm during the harsh winter weather.

The best idea though was shared by an old salt I once knew. He suggested:
If you're too cold, sail for the equator until the shivering stops.

The fabric I bought for my First Mate was $13 a yard as I recall at Hobby Lobby. It is wonderful stuff and washes well. One side is suede-like (hers has leopard spots) and the other feels like a woolly lamb. I knew it reflected heat after having sat on it during the summer so thought that something similar would be wonderful on my bunk in the winter.

Even though $26 would not be unreasonable in staying warm over the winter, I wanted to save money. When I visited my daughter we shopped at a couple of thrift stores and one had a blanket with a fuzzy side. The price was $4 and that met my budget criteria spot-on.

So I bought it.

Well, the upcoming forecast is for below freezing temperatures so I took out the blanket, removed the backing fabric and laid the fuzzy side over my bottom sheet. It doesn't look bad and will reflect heat so hopefully I'll be a bit warmer this year. Here's the fabric on my bunk:


The observant will notice I've again got my 12-volt electric blanket on the bunk. I made a duvet cover (it's actually an old sheet) and a bit more about that can be found in the
As Winter Approaches article.

I've already tested it. Yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to getting into a cold bunk and by clicking 15 minutes before I'm ready to go to bed, it's toasty warm for me. The blanket works perfectly. I recommend the Comfy Cruise brand because it uses just 35 watts (3 amps) and many of these things use upwards of 7 amps.

I did notice that the fuzzy piece made the bunk seem warmer too. BUT it is not soft -- not like the nicer fabric I'd paid $$ for at Hobby Lobby. I should not have bought the rough blanket at the thrift store and would have been wiser to spend the money on something of better quality.

Anyway, that's my advice: add the fuzzy, but make sure yours is better than mine. The next time I am able to get to a Hobby Lobby I'll seek out the fabric I bought for Skipper and buy a large enough piece (two yards) for my bunk.

What I have is okay and this time that's not quite good enough -- not for the long term.

This article was updated 26 February 2015. See  the
Fuzzy Fixed (and manifold update) article for details.

Have you ever tried adding fuzzy fabric to your winter bedding layers?
Are you staying warm in this cold snap the country is enduring?


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