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Date: 31 October 2013. Why Be Normal.
[Originally submitted to an RV site, and since it's Halloween today shared here... Boo!]

Hello from the Gulf coast of Florida. My name is Janice and like so many others I live alone in a tiny home. Mine is just 23' long and the views are spectacular. Mileage is always a concern for RVers and I get approximately ten miles to the gallon so in that regard we are perhaps similar. What's different though is that my home is a miniature trawler and my roads are rivers, waterways and even into the Gulf of Mexico.

Many years ago I chose to live off the grid and have over the time afloat added considerably to my comfort level with the purchases of a wind generator, solar panels and such. Like any home you love, adding special touches makes her better, eh?  Some have fewer luxuries than others yet we all enjoy the same sunsets, the same fishing holes, and the beaches are the same too.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole.

For me, holidays are a special time and I enjoy displaying a few things that increase my happiness quotient. Halloween is spooky so of course I've got my Harry Potter books ready to re-read -- can't make it thru without having a dose of Dementor, now can we? And of course a few decorations help too. This is my collection:

Even an item as ordinary as a black $2 dish towel brings a bit of the Boo-spirit into my home. And somehow the task of wiping dry dishes is more fun when the towel suits the time of year. Of course Boo Troll watches everything, along with his buddy the penguin:

It's great fun to scatter around a few items that brighten my day and even though I'm the only person that sees or enjoys them, that's okay too. Where I'm anchored there just aren't many visitors. Part of the charm of living away from civilization is the time to think and enjoy the silence but I confess at times it's a bit lonesome out here. That's why doing things that please me are so important. Keeping up your spirits when a soloist is critical to the success of an off-the-grid lifestyle.

Creating a happy home is a matter of attitude far more than finances.

Reaching out to others helps, and that's why folks like me share our hints and tips. Truly if money were no object I'd have the same boat, albeit there would be some material improvements and additions. Still, being satisfied is the key for long term happiness, and I wish that and more to you and your life.

Do you decorate for Halloween?
How many munchkins come Trick or Treating at your place?


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A favorite aphorism:  Creating a happy home is a matter of attitude far more than finances. Janice Marois.

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