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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler cruising on $14 per day is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The Gear page
The good, the bad and the ugly


Aphorism Alert:  We love Dauntless because she never lets us down. Now if only I could find a way to control that nut behind the wheel. Richard on Dauntless re his "fix" that wasn't.

The good, the bad and the ugly

~ listed chronologically, as posted ~

The tools and equipment mentioned in these articles can be found on one page. Click here for the Boat Gear page.

  1. Autumn Preparations

  2. Trolling Motor Woes

  3. More Trolling Motors

  4. Screening Seaweed

  5. Organizing Your Tools

  6. Where the Women Are

  7. Outside the Box

  8. Quite the Sight

  9. The Log Book

  10. Anchoring

  11. Boat Presents

  12. Air Horn Saves the Day

  13. Progress on Engine

  14. Heaters Debunked

  15. Fog

  16. Time Stopped

  17. In the Head

  18. (Joshua Slocum's) Spray replica Anja

  19. Anchor Light Fix

  20. Blue-Water Boats

  21. Manatee Moves

  22. She runs, however...

  23. Anchor Down

  24. Bilge Pump OUCH

  25. What Used Boat?

  26. Prop Problems (lesson learned)

  27. Solar Regulators (Standard vs. MPPT)

  28. Anatomy of a Gulf Crossing (departure planning)

  29. Expert Advice versus Intuition (spare parts inventory)

  30. Water System and Filter Fix

  31. Mosquitoes (engine room vent screening)

  32. Anchor Up (painting your chain)

  33. DeWalt Drill Fix

  34. Flares Expire (my solution)

  35. Life onboard Lily Maria (Thompson 44 M/V)

  36. Emergency Anchor Up (OpenCPN info too)

  37. Glass-bottom Dinghy

  38. The Helm

  39. Music aboard Seaweed (Alzheimer's too)

  40. Night Crossing

  41. Bookbinding for Beginners

  42. Windlass is Necessary (for me)

  43. Building a Locker (Part 2)

  44. Building a Locker (Part 2)

  45. Kindle versus Fire (nail polish too)

  46. Anchor Light for Dinghy

  47. Silent Lessons

  48. Tern Time (sponson)

  49. Stabilize a Hard Dinghy (inexpensive how-to)

  50. Power Tools Required

  51. Stainless Manifold Ordered (tractor motor adapted for boat)

  52. Toilet Tissue (aka TP)

  53. Fuzzy Fixed (and manifold update)

  54. Warranty Paperwork (SeaSense bilge pump)

  55. More Emergency Anchor Up Info

  56. Power Cord Primer

  57. Spring on Pi Day (copper advice)

  58. Command in the Galley

  59. Laundry Hauling Made Easier

  60. Anchor Ball

  61. Battery Primer (Tesla)

  62. Screening My Hatch (eBay advice)

  63. Songbird in Water

  64. Marinizing the Cooling System of a Tractor

  65. Inexpensive Line Cutter

  66. Project Management

  67. Hatch Cover How-To (Sunbrella and Tenara too)

  68. Is a $20k Boat too Costly?

  69. Change of Light Bulbs (LED versus cheap)

  70. Finding Your Boat (part 2)

  71. Finding Your Boat (part 3)

  72. Installing Refrigerator Fans

  73. Composting Toilet How-To

  74. Refrigerator Latches

  75. Locker Latch Alignment

  76. Backing Plate Concerns

  77. When it's Not Square (how to fix)

  78. Rescue Tape Saves Boats

  79. Rope Trim (stain and varnish wood)

  80. Welding Shop and a Riser

  81. Portlight Privacy (at Carrabelle Riverfront Festival)

  82. Waterproof 8 Gauge Butt Connectors (make your own)

  83. Falling Overboard

  84. Electric Drill Repair

  85. Making a Towel Rack

  86. Inadequate Boat (Gulfport too)

  87. Buy and Install Levels

  88. Spare Prop has Swap Potential

  89. Screen Update

  90. Air Conditioning

  91. Batteries Store Power

  92. Solar Makes Power

  93. Power Used Aboard Seaweed

  94. Inverters Make AC Power

  95. Solar, Batteries and an Inverter

  96. Red Fish, Green Fish (visual clues)

  97. Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Batteries

  98. Toy Bails Dinghy

  99. Safety Nets

  100. Marking my Paddles (dinghy safety equipment)

  101. Boat Buying Decisions (what is important?)

  102. Moby-Cool a/c cover Tweak

  103. Moby-Cool a/c cover Installed

  104. Bolt Sizing Primer

  105. Cup-holder Repair

  106. Seaweed's Dryer Bar

  107. Anchor Down by Noon (policy vs. practice)

  108. Watermaker Wish Coming True

  109. Meet the Culprit (styptic)

  110. Drying Damp Books

  111. Sailboat in Gulfport

  112. JB Weld (cap won't open fix)

  113. Magnifier

  114. Buying a Big Boat (part 1)

  115. Buying a Big Boat (part 2)

  116. Sheet Trick

  117. On Island Time (Schucker 440 Motorsailor)

  118. Summertime Computer Woes

  119. Anchor Locker Leak Fixed

  120. Drain Cleaner

  121. Hurricane Irma (part 2)

  122. Hurricane Irma Saga

  123. Handy Heater Review

  124. Paralyzed by Planning (includes sundries list)

  125. Draft Prevention using Foam

  126. Alternator Bracket Pattern (how to)

  127. Upsizing the Alternator - My Mistake


  129. coming soon

The tools and equipment mentioned in these articles can be found on one page. Click here for the Boat Gear page.


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