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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The Pets page
Boat life with four paws

Aphorism Alert:  I don't understand these complaints about the postal service. Time was, you could put a two-cent stamp on a letter and mail it, and it would arrive at its destination in two days. Now you put a thirty-two-cent stamp on a letter and it can take four to five weeks to arrive. Still only a penny a day! Harper's.

Boat life with four paws

First Mate's Gallery now open ~
Your boating pet photos welcome via Email

One pet featured per week. Yours could be next!

~ listed chronologically, as posted ~

  1. First Mate

  2. More Trolling Motors

  3. Abandon Ship!

  4. Carrabelle Sparkles

  5. Making Friends

  6. Pelican Visits Algae

  7. Blowing Bubbles

  8. Music in the Morning

  9. Cooler Handle Repair

  10. Manatee Moves

  11. Bilge Pump OUCH

  12. Seldom Bored

  13. Pet Poop Primer (it's not horrid!)

  14. Flavored Coffees (economical versions)

  15. Leaving Steinhatchee (and engine update)

  16. Life onboard Lily Maria (Thompson 44 M/V)

  17. Trash Solutions

  18. Birds on Boats

  19. Spook-tacular circa 2014

  20. The Helm (in comments section)

  21. Dallas and the Pelican

  22. Greenery (plant growing afloat)

  23. Anchor Light for Dinghy

  24. Dolphin Moment

  25. Fuzzy Fixed (and manifold update)

  26. Laundry Hauling Made Easier

  27. Songbird in Water

  28. Cruising in Tandem

  29. Finding Your Boat (part 3)

  30. Canning Taco Soup

  31. From Carrabelle to St. Pete (via truck)

  32. Composting Toilet How-To (in comments section)

  33. Securing the Microwave

  34. Foaming Soap Dispenser (how to)

  35. Pet ID Tags

  36. Imaginary Friends IRL (in real life)

  37. Personalizing Your Home (in comments section)

  38. Inadequate Boat (Gulfport too)

  39. The Birds (ordering iced coffee)

  40. Inverters Make AC Power

  41. Solar, Batteries and an Inverter

  42. Hoops and Loops

  43. Report on Colin (a tropical storm)

  44. Safety Nets

  45. Cup-holder Repair

  46. Seaweed's Dryer Bar

  47. Naming Your Dinghy

  48. Disney 2017

  49. Meet the Culprit (styptic)

  50. Gulfport, FL weekend dockmaster Tom

  51. Finding a Veterinarian

  52. Is a 34' boat Big Enough?

  53. Drain Cleaner

  54. Hurricane Irma (part 1)

  55. Hurricane Irma (part 3)

  56. Hurricane Irma Saga

  57. Glass Dishes (elegance afloat)

  58. Paralyzed by Planning (includes sundries list)

  59. Dock Lines from Halyards (snubber too)

  60. Storm Update 29 May 2018 (and boat insurance fiasco)

  61. A Day of Reckoning (the diet)

  62. Refrigerator Power Requirements - Part One

  63. Powering the Refrigerator - The Complete Series.

  64. Julia and the Fabric Postcard by Jan

  65. Routine Maintenance and the Thimble

  66. Hurricane Michael (with Carrabelle pictures)

  67. Pilothouse AC Power Solution

  68. Dating for Boaters - Part 4

  69. Dating for Boaters - Part 5

  70. Dating for Boaters (summary)

  71. Broken Arm Lessons

  72. Running the Hounds

  73. Mucket the Mallard Drake

  74. The Newest

  75. Keeping Hands Flexible

  76. The List (swim platform edition)

  77. Lightning Strike and Errors Made (part 1)

  78. Lightning Strike series Summary (parts 1 and 2)

  79. Alex Moody's Carafe

  80. Seaweed's New Address


  82. coming soon

First Mate's Gallery
now open ~
Your boating pet photos welcome via Email.


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