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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The Wild Things page
Nature entertains

Aphorism Alert:  Ajax (the soap) is a reference to a character in Greek mythology commonly said to be stronger than all of Greece (grease). HuckFanjo on reddit.

Wild Things
Nature entertains

Articles are listed chronologically, as posted.

  1. Going Batty

  2. Carrabelle Sparkles

  3. Fish Training 101

  4. Quite the Sight

  5. The Log Book

  6. Pots and Pans Primer

  7. How Do Osprey Land?

  8. Pelican Visits Algae

  9. Bits about Birds

  10. Blue-Water Boats

  11. Shark Changes Plans

  12. Dolphin Visits

  13. In the Rain

  14. Soloist Dinner Dilemmas

  15. Dallas and the Pelican

  16. 5 Pounds of Shrimp (how to find discount diesel)

  17. Dolphin Moment

  18. Fuzzy Fixed (and manifold update)

  19. Dolphin Baby

  20. Power Cord Primer

  21. Barn Swallows (Kindle critique)

  22. Rocky Raccoon

  23. Songbird in Water

  24. Blackberries

  25. Is a $20k Boat too Costly?

  26. Venues to Sell Unwanted Stuff (de-cluttering)

  27. Rocky Raccoon Returns

  28. Boat Etiquette 101: Permission to board

  29. On the St. John's River

  30. Appearances Can Deceive

  31. Vinegar Cleans Pans

  32. Securing the Microwave

  33. Manatee Mama and Baby (calf)

  34. The Birds (ordering iced coffee)

  35. Solar Makes Power

  36. Inverters Make AC Power

  37. Solar, Batteries and an Inverter

  38. Hiring a Diver

  39. August Update

  40. Cup-holder Repair

  41. Anchor Down by Noon (policy vs. practice)

  42. Christmas Connections

  43. Meet the Culprit (styptic)

  44. Summertime Computer Woes

  45. Anchor Locker Leak Fixed

  46. Hurricane Irma (part 4)

  47. Hurricane Irma Saga

  48. Manatee Bumps Algae

  49. Glass Dishes (elegance afloat)

  50. Advice for the Vintage Boater

  51. Rat Traps (securing mouse traps too)

  52. Snook Surface (cold weather consequence)

  53. For the Fishermen (anchoring system)

  54. Storm and Hurricane Info Links

  55. Storing the Power (battery charts) - Part Three

  56. Powering the Refrigerator - The Complete Series.

  57. Scallions - Second Life

  58. Isis, a  Snowy Egret

  59. Manatee Newborn

  60. Birds and my friend Dale the Welder

  61. Routine Maintenance and the Thimble

  62. Red Tide and Forest Fires

  63. Delicious Deviled Eggs

  64. Hurricane Michael (with Carrabelle pictures)

  65. Red Tide Miracles

  66. Frog and the Red Tide

  67. Dating for Boaters - Part 1

  68. Dating for Boaters - Part 5

  69. Dating for Boaters (summary)

  70. Tips for Cooling the Boat

  71. Wild Bird Observations (night herons)

  72. Running the Hounds

  73. Mucket the Mallard Drake

  74. Visiting Manatees (plus boatyard plans)

  75. Birds bring Happiness

  76. Website Woes Resolved

  77. Christmas Memories

  78. Bird of Prey ID Sought

  79. Feeding the birds (February 2021)

  80. Barracudas and Ciguatera Toxin

  81. Mother's Day Manatees (netbook news)

  82. Screen Solution (newest version)

  83. Adding an Air-Breeze Wind Generator (#2 in series)

  84. Gasoline Generator Added (starting the wrong way) (#3 in series)

  85. Adding Renogy and Upgrading Solar Regulator (#4 in series)

  86. Power from None to Now (the complete series)

  87. Turtle Time

  88. Daddy's Bottom Scraper

  89. Christmas 2021

  90. Manatee Mornings

  91. Watermaker Woes

  92. Inverter Friendly Pancake Griddle

  93. Green Herons

  94. Ordered Dometic AC (Mistakes were Made, Part 2)

  95. (AC Install from Hades (Mistakes were Made, complete series)

  96. Before Hurricane Ian Arrived (part 1)

  97. After Hurricane Ian  (part 2)

  98. Before and After Hurricane Ian (parts 1 and 2)

  99. Marineland of Florida

  100. Madeira Beach Nautical Flea Market

  101. Nicole Necessity (grapnel hook)

  102. Dawn Detergent


  104. coming soon



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