Grover from David Patterson on 2 Jan '18

Hello Janice, thank you for your insights into cruising life. For Grover, the Canadian boat moved to The Boatyard Grill in Ithaca NY last I knew around 2 years ago. Here is the address: 525 Old Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca, NY 14850. Hope you had a great Christmas and look forward to your safe advice for 2018. Cheers, David KK36/83

Good advice. from Pam on 3 Jan '18

Hello, Janice! Spot on advice, that many of us should pay attention to. If we're honest with ourselves a little houseboat would suit our boating needs just fine. Most have more comfortable accommodations than little boats and are simpler to run and maintain. I hope your recent adventure aboard Sea Weed was fun! Hope to see some photos posted sometime. :)

Thank you Cap'n David. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 4 Jan '18

I do appreciate the information on the mini-lesson that's up north. I considered buying that one back in 2008. She was white with a red stripe then. That dark green hull was a serious improvement in looks.

I will be sure to pass along to Grover the locale. I'm sure he'll be glad to have the information.

Your KK must be a gem. They are spacious for certain. I lived visiting with Ted and Sarah aboard their Manatee. Very spiffy. Nice folks too.

Perhaps one day our wakes will cross. In the meantime take care. Stay warm. J.

Thank you Cap from Janice aboard Seaweed on 4 Jan '18

I do appreciate the information on the mini- Schucker ... Autocorrect bit me. Twice. I loved visiting Manatee.

Thank you Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 4 Jan '18

The ego gets involved all too often when reality points in another direction. For myself I'd like to wear something cute. Instead in this weather I am working with practical. Right now that means a floor length long sleeved high collared flannel nightgown. It isn't glamorous however it is toasty warm.

And that is my life in one sentence... It is comfortable and a bit decadent too. I am truly blessed.

Tonight I did a load of laundry. It is hanging down below in my cabin. I'm glad it's done.

Tonight I'm going to hopefully get the next article finished. This year I am going to attempt to post shorter pieces more frequently. That's the goal, written in beach sand on a rising tide. Your friend in the south, J.

P.S. I hope you're doing okay with this storm. Be safe girl.

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