Batteries from Pam on 3 Jan '19

I like your method of quick-checking the batteries because it's straightforward and simple. For people with hard to get to battery banks this would make it much easier to stick to their battery checking schedule. Then every third month give the batteries a good going over. Well done, Ma'am. :) Oh, beautiful photos! Glad you are able to go out cruising again.

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Jan '19

I'm glad this is helpful. Yes, being underway was good for my soul. Best of all, the weather was warm. I like warm dry air. Rainy days are great for reading on my Kindle.

Thanks for your comment Pam. Your friend in the south, J.

Battery Checks from Captain Mick - Perth, Australia on 6 Jan '19

Well done, thank you for your tips. I will be able to check battery conditions more often now, and with less back ache. I am tipping my hat to you.

You are very welcome Cap'n Mick from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Jan '19

Thank you or your nice note Captain Mick. I am glad the infrared thermometer Cheater Method will be helpful for your situation. One thing I discovered is that if it is not Easy, I will procrastinate. That's why a lot of my thinking is trying to figure out an easier way to accomplish the things we should do.

I am aware that few people check their batteries every month. Even folks that are on top of regular maintenance can end up avoiding the whole battery bit if it is difficult. Though my Cheater Method is not Ideal, in my view this is firmly in the Good Enough category to warrant consideration.

To you, I wish nothing but the best. Thank you for reading my website. I appreciate that, and the comments. J.

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