Water Intrusion from Sid on 11 Jan '22

A water leak can be a nightmare, especially if it is from the outside in. Water comes in much faster than we often realize and a boat can end up on the bottom very quickly, usually resulting in a complete loss and very high expenses for things too horrible to mention. Will be looking forward to part two, and your thoughts and recommendations.

What is scariest is the helplessness from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Jan '22

When things are going wrong Sid, having buddies makes a huge difference. There were three of us, and together we found And implemented a temporary solution. There is a certain connection when boaters pull together. We were fortunate that between us there is well over 100 years of experience. That almost always provides a variety of possibilities and avenues to pursue. Tomorrow I'll post about how we managed to Temporarily stop the leak, for less than a dollar.

Thanks Sid for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

Pressurized water from capt kim on 12 Jan '22

Ug! people really hook pressurized water to their boat? Noticed I said people, not seamen! ;]

I know Kim... it is unthinkable from Janice aboard Seaweed on 12 Jan '22

You're so correct Cap'n Kim. It's a first class means of sinking a boat. Heck, the only times I have my pu p powered is when washing dishes or shower time. Too many seamen have heard of someone arriving at a distant anchorage only to have empty tanks. Just today I discovered a drip at my cockpit outlet ... I tee'd off the galley sink so I can rinse off salt water outside. It's just a spigot with a hose nearby. Nothing fancy, yet! I do have a shower head to test out there come summertime.

As a matter of fact, the Prairie 29 next to me has a fitting on the bow for city water. It also has a much more sensible deck fill. :)

Stay warm. I've been listening to Baby. It "warmed up to 39" this morning when she was doing the school run. Brrrr. My bones ache just thinking about cold weather. I believe I've broken too many bones to live up north. Plus, I'm a wimp when it comes to sub-70 degree Temps. J, who misses you. And thanks Cap'n

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