Bilge drama! from Pam on 12 Jan '22

Wow, Janice. I'm impressed. Good, on the spot, problem solving there! 👍 The only mention I've heard of galvanized anything on boats is anchor chain, and there was a lot of discussion back and forth in the forum regard if it's good or not. Is it used often?

Acetone from Rob on 12 Jan '22

It's acetone, all I remember is that it was a stronger % acetone then most of those I looked at in the nail dept.

Chain is different Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 12 Jan '22

You see, galvanized is a stronger metal than stainless. It has an inherent strength, which is why automobile engines are iron. Galvanized is a coating. There are levels of sturdiness. G4 being The best.

Aboard Seaweed I use 1/4" G4. That means the metal in the links is 1/4" wide. It (G4) offers the highest working load. That's the amount of pressure/pull the chain can handle before elongating. After that the chain will break.

Surprisingly stainless chain breaks before the galvanized stuff. This is designed to make folks crazy. (Hahaha... but canning jars are sold as half pint rather than one cup, so the lunacy of it can either amuse you or!!!)

West Marine used to have a chart in their catalog. Alaa I could not find it online. is one place that explains anchors and chains. I'll look through my files to see if I have that chart. The West Catalog used to be a panacea of information. It costs a lot to make though so I suppose it's gone for good now.

I hope you're staying warm. It's been chilly here and down right cold at Baby's place. I get chilled just thinking about far north Temps. Stay warm, and thanks Pam for your comment. J.

Thanks Rob from Janice aboard Seaweed on 12 Jan '22

You're absolutely correct. I had forgotten. If the gent gets in touch I will definitely pass along the information. Thanks Sir. You're the best.

Galvanized from Pam on 13 Jan '22

Thanks for the explainer about G4, etc. 🤔 I appreciate it. You explain things well.

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